SM Stationary Art Fest 2017

SM Stationary Art Fest 2017 went to SM City Dasmarinas last August 31 to September 3. This event was co-presented by Titus Pens, Faber-Castell, and Elmer’s Glue. Furthermore, they also had event partners like Limelight, M&G and Pilot.

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Photo grabbed from SM City Dasmarinas Facebook Page

It was the 2nd of September when I saw this event at SM Dasmarinas. There was a crowd in the event center buying some art materials. Out of curiosity, my little sister dragged me to the event center. There I saw the list of programs for the whole event.

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The Slime Making activity took my sister’s attention. I don’t know why but she keeps on watching YouTube Tutorials about slime making. She even saves her allowance just to buy some glues and detergent! She just bought a glue from a bookstore when we saw the requirements for joining the workshop. I could really see her disappointment until we got home.

The next day,  after some negotiations with our parents, my sister was able to raise 300 pesos! The two of us went to SM Dasmarinas after lunch time because she was so worried about the 120 limited slots. It’s funny because we got 33rd spot.

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We arrived at the event at 1 pm. That’s three hours to spare! My sister has a short attention span so I brought her to another event called Doraemon’s Birthday Party. Apparently, there was a free face painting for kids. Face painting takes time. I think we spent more than 30 minutes in line.

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SM Stationary Art Fest 2017

While my sister was busy playing with slimes, I took the chance to meet some artists around the area. Check out some artworks made on the spot!

SM Stationary Art Fest 2017 (4)
Artwork by Jeramie Cortez Prieto

Jeramie is taking up Bachelor of Science in Business Management at Cavite State University Main Campus. For her, Art is where you can express your feelings, thoughts and emotions without speaking.

“Since I was a kid I already love drawing, and being an artist is also in our family. When I was in high school I started improving in arts, I discovered that I am good in calligraphy and watercolor painting and I also discovered the artist group GUHIT Pinas.”

Her favorite medium is watercolor. She loves it because its easier to blend the colors, and in just a few strokes, she can make beautiful images.

To know more about Jeramie, check out her Facebook, and Instagram account.

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Artwork by Rogel Esguerra

Rogel Esguerra is a Grade 10 student from Rosario National High School. He started painting and making portraits when he became a high school student. He loves using charcoal, watercolor, and acrylics for his artworks.

To know more about Rogel, check out his Facebook and Instagram account.

Artwork by Chenie Ornido Lee and Keith Lester Mejia Latip

Chenie is currently studying at Bulihan Integrated Senior High School. She enjoys using ink pens because she can easily make crafts using them and she’s used to it. For her, Art is a gift.

“When I was 6, I used to draw stuffs. But I didn’t pursue it when I was in junior high so it didn’t enhance during those time. Before the start of grade 11, I came back to drawing and hand lettering.”

To know more about Chenie, check out her Facebook and Instagram account.

Artwork by Krissy Sanchez

Krissy Sanchez is a Grade 11 Arts & Design student from Tagaytay City Science National High School. She also works as a freelance artist, conducting her own workshops, and accepting commissions like paintings, drawings, and lettering pieces.

“To me, art is the way we see things. Anything can be art, depending on the eyes of the person. Nature, a person, words can be turned into art only if a person looks at the worlds in a different perspective.”

She started hand lettering in late 2014. She used fine point Sharpie pens back then. It was 2015 when she experimented with watercolor and began painting letters. In 2016, she started watercolor portrait painting.

She does most of her commissions in acrylic. She enjoys pens, pencil, and inks. However, Krissy’s personal favorite is watercolor.  She enjoys using watercolor because its transparent property allows her to add more paint and layers on her work. She enjoyed it a lot because she loves extreme detail in her works. Aside from that, watercolor takes her back to her childhood, it’s the kind of paint often used in elementary school so it gives her a sense of nostalgia.

To know more about Krissy, check out her Facebook and Instagram account.

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