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Filipino Bloggers in Korea (Part 2)

Meet some Filipino bloggers in Korea!



Explore a world full of bears!


Where to buy hanbok in Korea?

Seoullo 7017

What can you see in Seoullo 7017?

Filipino Bloggers in Korea

Get to know the Filipino Bloggers in Korea!

How to get a SIM Card in Korea?

Would you like to use a Prepaid SIM Card, Pocket WiFi, Roaming, or YASSGO SIM CARD?

Garden of the Morning Calm: Spring Flower Festival

Experience the Spring Flower Festival at the Garden of the Morning Calm

Garden of the Morning Calm: Lighting Festival

Experience the Lighting Festival at Garden of the Morning Calm

NU Skin

Check out my NU Skin Experience!

MBC Dramia

The ultimate destination of Korean Historical Drama fans