How to get a SIM Card in Korea?

Internet is one of the necessities in traveling. Using an online map and guides will make your trip more convenient. However, when you go to another country, using an internet in your roaming SIM card might be expensive.

I got a lot of inquiries from my readers on how to get a SIM card in Korea. Because of that, I did some research about the best deal tourist can get. I found YASSGO!

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YASSGO SIM Card is the cheaper than Prepaid SIM Card, Pocket WiFi, and roaming. Unlike Pocket WiFi, you do not have to carry or charge an external device other than your own phone.

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YASSGO SIM Card has unlimited capacity. You don’t have to check how much data you have used like other tourists.

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YASSGO SIM Card may be the cheapest but it doesn’t affect it’s quality. In fact, I can do a lot of Facebook Live while using the YASSGO SIM Card.

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How to get a YASSGO SIM Card in Korea?


  • Install the YASSGO app and make a booking.
  • Sign in with your Facebook, Google+, Weibo, or any email account.


  • Enter your details and complete your payment.
    • The SIM card rental should be at least three days.
    • Make sure your flight number is accurate so that the staff can meet you at the Incheon airport.
    • You can pay with your credit card, Paypal or Alipay.
  • You have to book three days before your arrival date.


  • Pick up your SIM card at Incheon airport.
  • It’s located in front of STARBUCKS (between exis B and C) on the 1st arrival floor.


  • Return your SIM card at the same spot in Incheon Airport where you picked up your SIM card.
  • Once you return your SIM card, your deposit will be returned to you.


As you all know, I don’t write something about any product/service without trying them so I tried using the SIM card myself. I must say that it really works well.

I’ve been traveling around and I didn’t have any problems with the connection. There’s no dead spot. I can use it in the subways and even indoors. It’s convenient because I don’t have to spend time connecting to WiFi. It’s really advisable for travelers especially those who rely on GPS to find a certain tourist spot.

I started using it last May 17, 2017 and I haven’t had any problems so far. I’ve been doing a lot of Facebook Live lately in my Facebook Page, and I don’t get disconnected even when I’m doing FB Live while riding a bus.

Moreover, YASSGO app is also interesting because it offers a lot of coupons from restaurants in Hongdae, Itaewon, Agpujeong, Gangnam, and many more. I’m surprised that you can also do shopping using YASSGO app. You can buy some cosmetics with great deal of discounts, and claim it in the airport. It’s advisable if your schedule is so tight and you don’t have enough time for shopping. Lastly, the app also gives suggestions on what to visit. It’s really tourist friendly!

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  1. YASSGO is now going to support iOS users starting October!
  2. All the booking and payment shall now be done on the website.
  3. They have opened up a live chat service for YASSGO SIM card users to ask any type of question about Korea or their itinerary! (Isn’t that great?!)