MBC Dramia

MBC Dramia

MBC Dramia is now called Yongin MBC Daejanggeum Park. It is the ultimate destination of Korean Historical Drama fans. This place is owned by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation and the city of Yongin in Gyeonggi province, South Korea.

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It is the largest historical drama open set in the nation. In fact, it serves as a historical backdrop for international features on Korea’s history.

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I really felt like I was Hae Soo (IU in Scarlet Heart), the girl from the present who found herself in a different era. The ambiance of the place seems really ancient. I was walking there as if I’m in a Korean drama.

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It’s really big that you have to bring a map to check if you covered all the places. I only had the afternoon tour, and I must say that I didn’t cover everything. It makes me want to go back there so bad! I highly recommend that you spend a whole day here.

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The entrance fee costs 7,000 won for adults, 6,000 won for teens, and 5,000 won for children. I must say it’s really cheap because I was able to take a lot of pictures without any photobombers!

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They also have hanbok for rent. It costs 20,000 won. I didn’t think twice! The pictures are really better if you’re wearing their traditional clothes.

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If I only have one day to explore Korea, this is the place I would love to visit.

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How to go there:

  1. Take the Seoul Subway line 3 going to Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal.
  2. In the terminal, buy a ticket going to Baekam (백암). The ticket costs 4,500 krw and the bus is located in platform 18. Check your ticket to know your seat number.
  3. Don’t go down right away when the bus stops. Baekam is the third stop after Yang Ji (양지) and Jwa Jeon (좌전). Wait til you get to Baekam. By the way, Jincheon is the final destination of the bus so listen carefully. The trip from Seoul to Baekam is 50minutes.
  4. Take the bus 105 and get off at Yongin Dae Jang Geum Park. The bus interval is around 50 minutes to 120 minutes. If you miss it, you can take a taxi going to Yongin Dae Jang Geum Park. The taxi trip is about 10 to 15 minutes and costs 8,500 won.


I was able to get a partnership with a travel agency that can provide you a private van tour, tour guide, and photography service for as long as 85,000 won per head. If you are 4, you can even avail it for only 75,000 won.

They also offer a day tour for Korean Folk Village + MBC Dramia at 110,000 won pax.

Email me at karla.obispo@gmail.com if you’re interested.

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  1. hello,

    i am planning to go again to this place (if i have one day free). the last time i visit dramia was in 2013 so there must be so many changes by now. at that time, i couldn’t find bus 105 to get to dramia so i took taxi. but i forgot which way i took the taxi/waiting for the bus. is it right in front of the bus stop? or do i have to cross the road? as far as i remember, there was a mini bust stop with a window to sell bus tickets haha i wonder if they changed location. .

  2. Great post!! Planning to visit the place this year 🙂 Btw, was just wondering if there are restaurants inside the park? Would appreciate your help <3

    1. Travel with Karla says: Reply

      There are no restaurants, just a cafe.

  3. Does the hanbok rental include shoes? Thanks.

    1. Travel with Karla says: Reply

      Yes! 🙂

      1. Thanks!

        Do they have a wide selection of hanboks for men?

        1. Travel with Karla says:

          They do 😊

  4. kayle lurenana says: Reply

    hello miss karla! emailed you regarding the MBC dramia private tour. Hoping for your fast response. Thank you!

  5. hello miss karla! i emailed you regarding the private tour. Hoping for your fast response. Thank you!

  6. Hi! Just read your blog, and it is really nice! 🙂 I’ve been to mbc dramia twice already, first in 2013, post winter and we got to see the filming of horse doctor. Medyo maputik tapos puro brown ang paligid dahil sa taglamig and tunaw na ang yelo, so hindi ganun ka- “striking” ang beauty ng place, also may mga lugar na hindi pwedeng puntahan. Pero kahit ganun, enjoy din naman. The second was 2015, autumn season and there were lots of construction going on, so hindi sulit ang pagpunta dahil sa dami ng restrictions. We are planning to go again this october, I just wanted to know if tapos na ba ang renovations nung time na nagpunta ka and also saan ka nagrent ng hanbok to tour the place? Thanks

    1. When I went there last May 2017, wala naman constructions. I think tapos na sila magrenovate. May restrictions kasi may filming pero right after ng take nila ay pinapayagan na makapasok. Dun na din ako nagrent ng hanbok sa loob. Pag kumuha ka ng map sa entrance, itanong mo kung saan doon yung hanbok rental. Malapit lang siya sa gate. 🙂

  7. Hello po. Which one is better to visit in your opinion, KFV or MBC DRAMIA?. Having trouble to choose between the two as I want to visit them both. But time are very limited 😦 Can’t wait to hear from you. Thank you.

    1. Tough question. If you want to watch live traditional performances, go to KFV.
      If you want to have a good photoshoot, and may see some actual filming… go to MBC Dramia.

  8. Hi miss karla, great review, I enjoyed it very much. Planning to add this to my itinerary, but I will visit korea at late January, do you think it is a good idea to visit during winter? Thank you 🙂

  9. Hi Karla! been reading your blog lately for our upcoming korea trip this year! Is this place doable in 2-3 hours. Basically our itinerary for that day is MBC Dramia for morning to Lunch then go back to Gangnam for the rest of the day. I heard this place is close to gangnam or somewhere along the way? we will be staying in Hongdae btw! Super love your site!

    1. It is but the travel time is about 2 hours from Seoul.

  10. Hi ms karla,
    I want to go to kfv and mbc dramia but it looks like i cant because of too many stuff to do at the same day. Which do you recommend that I prioritize? I’m also considering the tour you indicated but how much will it cost if it’s DIY? Thank you 🙂

  11. Hi ms. Karla, tnx for the transportation details. Same dn ba pag pbalik na? Thanks

  12. Hi ms. karla, can you please help or advise regarding yongin itinerary for whole day(mbc dramia & korean folk village? can u pls suggest timings (transport & visit timing)? Thank you 🙂

    1. You may visit the KFV first then the MBC Dramia. I haven’t gone to both of them in one day because there’s so much things to do. I’m not familiar with the public transport but I can recommend you a private van tour: http://www.wecyclekorea.com/package/korean-folk-village-mbc-dramia

      1. Thank u so much ms. Karla… how about korean folk village+eveland night ticket? Do u think its possible? Thanks again 💙💙💙

  13. Hi Ms. Karla is there any booking for the entrance? Or if possible they can accomodate as per walk in? Please let me know. Planning to add this on my upcoming itinerary. Thabks a lot!

    1. They accommodate walk in visitors. ^^

      1. Thanks Ms.Karla for the answered question. May I ask also about the ktx? Im really confused as Im doing my research going to busan. If I can purchase it via cash and on the day on my departure? Please olease help me..

    2. Hi miss karla is there a place nearby MBC Dramia that we can rent hanbok? Thanks

      1. Yes, there’s a hanbok rental inside.

        1. Hi Karla! Is 20,000 won hanbok rental good for how many hours?

  14. Wowwww as in wowwww hoping to get there soon as soonest i can but i know its suntok sa buwan to get there really love south korea and all the places i saw in your blog ms karla 감사함니다…

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  16. Thanks for posting this!

  17. amazing Photos .. i love Korean Period dramas and i really want to see this place fro my self .. i am going to South Korea in august .so thanks for providing this wonderful post 🙂 I will and fit this in to my travel plans .. thanks for your directions and bus numbers will be a great help 🙂

    1. You’re welcome! I highly recommend that you spend a whole day for this.

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