Are you a fan of Teddy bears? Are you a fan of Museums?

If you answered yes to both of them, Teseum is the perfect place for you!

Here are the reasons why you should visit Teseum:

1. You can feel like a VIP in a classical performance.


2. You can relax in a luxurious library.

Teseum 2.jpg

3. You can cook with an Ajumma bear!

Teseum 3.jpg

4. or you can help her sell some fruits!

Teseum 4.jpg

5. You can take a picture with the cutest royal guards.

Teseum 5.jpg

6. and ask them to carry you like a queen!

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7. You can take care of the sick bears.

Teseum 6.jpg

8. You can go to a safari!

Teseum (2).jpg

9. You can even see some characters from your favorite fairy tale!

Teseum (3).jpg

10. You can hug an enormous bear!

Teseum (5).jpg

11. You can see some cute couples.

Teseum (4).jpg

12. And if you’re lucky, you can even get a proposal!

Teseum (6).jpg

I really had a great time exploring Teseum. It’s something you can do during a rainy day. eThe Teddy bear museum exceeded my expectations. It’s bigger than I thought. The exhibits are well arranged, and they are clean!

Teseum is suitable for all ages. As much as the children will enjoy it, couples, friends, and family members can also enjoy taking pictures with the life size bears. Oh I forgot to mention. They also have miniature bears depicting the community in Seoul. I wasn’t able to take a picture of it but it will definitely be included in my Vlog about Teseum. (Don’t forget to subscribe in my channel!)

Besides Teseum, they also have a mirror maze. I think you should also experience it because it’s cheaper than buying just one ticket.

To go there, you just have to take the subway going to Dongmyo Station and get off at exit 6. There you’ll be welcomed by a lot of bears!

  • Teseum Entrance Fee: Adult – 13,000 | Student – 10,000 | Infants – 8,000
  • Mirror Maze Entrance Fee: Adult – 7,000 | Student – 6,000 | Infants – 5,000
  • Teseum + Mirror Maze: Adult – 14,500 | Student – 11,500 | Infants – 9,500


  1. Wowwww!!! Yung library para sa my loves from the star ni mateo do hehehe love all the places of teseum??

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