Filipino Bloggers in Korea

Here’s a list of Filipino Bloggers in Korea. They will give you a glimpse of their experiences as a Filipino expat in Korea.

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Karla Obispo of Travel with Karla

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I’ve been teaching in Seoul, Korea since August 2015. It’s quite easy for me to deal with the teaching load here compared to what I’ve experienced in the Philippines so I had a lot of free time after work. It was January 2016 when I decided to travel once a week. I started blogging to make a journal about my adventures. I made this blog in March 2016 and the rest is history!

In the beginning, all my posts are about the usual tourist spots located in Seoul. Since I’ve been there many times, I tried to take the roads less traveled by. My love for Korean Dramas made me go to the filming locations. Surprisingly, it became a big help to other Korean drama fans who are planning to visit Korea. My travel blog became their inspiration and guide in their fangirling activities. I’ve been here in Korea for almost two years and before I go, I want to feature some Filipino bloggers in Korea.

PS. I swear, I’ll visit Korea every year to make some awesome K Drama itineraries!

Filipino Bloggers in Korea

Miseol of Chili Sarang

“I started blogging in late 2014. I wrote about how to process some legal papers and restaurant reviews. But now, I usually write about the places my husband and I have been or my experiences in Korea.

Miseol is originally from Davao City. She is happily married to a Korean named Danny. She is currently a full-time homemaker enjoying new hobbies, embracing another culture, learning the Korean language, and nurturing her passion for photography. Initially, her blog is created as a means to keep up with a broad range of her interests in food, photography, adventure, and life itself. Her blog also provides insights into how’s and hands-on experiences in a multicultural marriage.

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Wendy Flor of My Rocking Cradle

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“I am an expat wife here in Korea. I am a housewife. I take care of my husband and my children. When my husband is at work and my children are at school, I am busy with my volunteer work. I’m President of a Filipino organization called The 601 Habit – a very small group of Filipino women focused on showing our Philippine culture. I am also very active in my sons’ school (Dwight School Seoul) as an Executive Member of the Parents Association. Most of the time I go out with my friends exploring the nooks and alleys of Seoul.”

Wendy lives at the Digital Media City in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu. She started blogging in 2006, the year she became a mom. My Rocking Cradle became her online diary as a new mom. Then she started writing about Filipinos in Korea but it was just occasionally. She writes about the books she read, movies, places in Korea, travels especially in the Philippines.

She also writes about house matters (but most of these are commercial posts). She even wrote about her veranda farming (which is very rare here in Korea). She thinks that her blog is a no-niche blog that’s why it isn’t a popular website. She writes about anything that inspires her at the moment of writing.

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Shirgie of Saranghae Korea

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“I work as a factory worker in Korea. In my 4 years’ stay in Korea, I lived in 3 cities. First was in Paju, then Pyeongtaek and currently living in the city of Cheonan. I started blogging when I was in college, the year 2004. Before, blogging was my journal, a personal diary. It was the year 2008 when blogging became mainstream and it became a source of information online. So I converted my personal blog from an online diary into an informative online page. I always consider a general information niche so I can freely write anything I want. Topics like movies, food, travel, and anything under the sun were very much welcome on my page.”

He decided to continue his passion for blogging when he transferred to Korea in 2013. He created Saranghae Korea to write anything about Korea including his experiences, travels, and whatnot. He still considers the Saranghae Korea blog as a personal journal, but he always sees to it that readers can get valuable information from it, especially in the field of working in the manufacturing industry.

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Katherine Pascual of Your Travel Memo

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“My favorite thing to do is to go to places I’ve never been. At first, I just wanted to travel to take pictures of myself from the places that I’ve only seen on travel shows, movies, and magazines. I was 21 when I first traveled overseas, it opened me up to the possibilities of the world. Now, I travel to satisfy my curiosity about the world, people, and life in general. The more I travel, the more it changes my perspective.”

Katherine is an English teacher in Gimhae. She just started blogging last April 2017. She created her blog to share her experience with other people who also wants to travel either for vacation and leisure or simply just wanted to escape from a fed-up routine. She believes that you don’t have to be rich to travel, and traveling is easy when you know what to do.

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Alphonse of A Pinoy in Korea

“I am just one of the 50,000 Filipinos in South Korea, making my way around Seoul and the rest of the Korean peninsula, riding the subway trains, buses, cars, planes, and ferry boats, or while making my way to work, to home or just moving around South Korea (the Philippines and some other countries) trying to see places, meet people and friends, taste delicacies and experience the life in this interesting country…my life as a Pinoy in Korea.”

Alphonse works in the Finance Industry in Seoul.  He started blogging in 2009. He writes about his experiences in general. He sometimes writes in the Filipino language because most of his readers are from the Philippines. Recently, he’s been writing some movie reviews.

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  1. Hello po ate karla I’m curious po how did you start working in south korea ? And there’s a opportunity ba jan if english teacher po? I hope you can read my comments i really like to read your blogs .????

  2. Hi Karla!

    I moved here last September 2016 and blogging was the first thing I did because I wanted to do something and I didn’t know how to speak Korean. I’m still not good in Korean now but it is a lot better than my first year.

    I love Korean dramas so I started from Korean drama reviews. I just have a few pics though. I had one in Jumunjin where Goblin drama had a scene in episode 1. It’s good to see fellow Filipino bloggers.

  3. Hi filipino bloggers. I am proud of you kabayans. Galing nyo nmn po. Im just new in blogging. I am also a wife and has 2 sons. I love art and music. Also writing. Un interest ko po sa rt and music ang nagsusurvive skn dto bilang malau sa pamilya. It beame my outlet eversince i was young. I remeber the 1st ever song composition q po was when im 1st yer highschool, 12 yo. I have a diary. D po aq mahilig mag open ng saloobin instead i write it..and i always addressed it to my self. Year 2017 angb pinakamalaking dagok para sa akin at sa pamilya ko. Matagal aq natigil sa pagsusulat.pagkanta pagdrawing o paggawa ng mga artworks. And i badly needed it now. Kaya po sinubukan q ang blogging. I am.hopeless..i am in pain. I feel worthless. I am nothing. Because i lost the greatest man on earth. Ang tatay ko. Sana through this makabangon aq ulit. I need this. Sana matulungan nyo rin aq sa pagbablog. Thank you.

  4. Hi Karla! Thank you for the feature. I hope your “road less travelled” leads on to happiness as you start your new journey. See you around! ????

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