Hanbokful – I’m a big fan of hanbok. I feel like a princess whenever I wear it. It’s one of the things that I like about Korea. When my mom and my sister went to Korea, I didn’t miss the chance to let them experience it too. We spent the whole day wearing the hanbok from One Day Hanbok. Since I’m leaving Korea in few weeks, I made sure to buy a hanbok for myself. Good thing, I found a Facebook Page called Hanbokful.



Hanbokful is owned by Amy Chao. Amy is very hands on. She designs and makes the hanbok herself. She makes traditional hanboks, modern hanboks, and fusion hanbok.

Seoullo 7017 2
Photo taken at Seoullo 7017

Style and Price

Top = 70,000 krw
Skirt = 70,000 krw
Top and Skirt = 140,000 krw
A. One Piece Dress = 120,000 krw
B. One Piece Dress + Skirt = 170,000 krw
C. One Piece Dress + Skirt + Top = 250,000 krw
Baby’s Hanbok = 70,000 krw

Seoullo 7017
Photo taken at Seoullo 7017


You can choose your own fabric for the top, skirt, and dress. Usually, people choose a floral or a character fabric for the top and a solid color for the skirt.

Cotton Fabric: https://goo.gl/CasGSZ
Cotton Fabric: https://goo.gl/W3XFvz
Cottonville:  https://goo.gl/cLMsDp
Spring Patterns: https://goo.gl/MzM6nG
Solid Color
Non-see through: https://goo.gl/R7TFHT
See through: https://goo.gl/u2W9y5


I’m very pleased to see the finished product. It feels so good to wear something that is made especially for you. It may be a hanbok but I can wear it anywhere because it’s modernized. I’m looking forward to travel in other countries wearing it.

I think this is the best souvenir from Korea I could ever have.travel-with-karla-accommodation-review-3


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