Seoullo 7017

Seoullo 7017 – The first overpass in Seoul was built in 1970. This year (2017), it was transformed into an elevated pedestrian sky garden. It’s the reason why it’s called Seoullo 7017.

The park was designed by Dutch architect Winy Maas, winner of Seoul Metropolitan Government’s 2015 international design competition.

In the plan, Seoullo has a lot of amenities:

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I visited Seoullo 7017 two days after it’s opening, and these are the interesting things I saw:

Pebble Foot Pool

I thought it was warm and relaxing but when I tried it, my feet got frozen! It’s super cold!

Seoullo 7017.png

See through holes

I tried jumping on it and it scared a lot of passers by. LOL! It’s not suitable for people with fear of heights. You’ll see the cars, trucks, and all the other vehicles on the streets.

Seoullo 7017 1.png
Seoullo 7017 3 (2).png

Bangbang Playground

It’s a trampoline playground for kids less than 150 cm tall. My height is qualified, but I’m to shy to go inside because it’s full of toddlers. (Maybe if there’s no one inside, I’ll try it.)

Seoullo 7017 2.png

Peeping Pot

It’s a curiosity tree pot. You can see some animations in the holes. There’s another curiosity tree pot on the other side but it’s all about hearing different sounds.

Seoullo 7017 3.png

Rose Garden

I think the rose garden is the most photogenic part of the overpass. Although some roses aren’t in full bloom yet, they are still pretty to look at.

Seoullo 7017 2
Clothes by Hanbokful
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Clothes by Hanbokful

I think Seoullo 7017 is overrated. It’s not something you should add in your itinerary. Well, there are interesting things to see there but there are better places to see in Seoul than an overpass.

I honestly feel bad for the locals who were affected by the construction of the bridge. It lengthened their travel time from one side of the railway to the other side. The government didn’t fulfill their promise that there will be ramps. The sales of the local shoemakers were decreased by at least 60 percent. There are groups opposing the Seoullo 7017 for the past 17 months. The local businesses are afraid that they will be evicted just like what happened to the vendors in Cheonggyecheon. (source: Korea Expose)

Some residents think that it is a waste of money because there’s no shade up there. Moreover, Koreans think that no one will go there during winter because it’s too cold.


Check out my YouTube video, and Facebook Live in Seoullo 7017.


  1. I like Seoullo 7017 lalo na yung rose garden at peeping pot. I should add this to my bucket list. Though it was overrated nun sinulat nyo yung blog na to, maybe there’s some changes na after three years. Tapos naging filming location pa sya.

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