Filipino Bloggers in Korea (Part 2)

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Karla Obispo of Travel with Karla

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I’ve been teaching in Seoul, Korea since August 2015. It’s quite easy for me to deal with the teaching load here compared to what I’ve experienced in Philippines so I had a lot of free time after work. It was January 2016 when I decided to travel once a week. I started blogging to make a journal about my adventures. I made this blog in March 2016 and the rest is history!

In the beginning, all my posts are about the usual tourist spots located in Seoul. Since I’ve been there many times, I tried to take the roads less traveled by. My love for Korean Dramas made me go to the filming locations. Surprisingly, it became a big help to other Korean drama fans who are planning to visit Korea. My travel blog became their inspiration and guide in their fangirling activities. I’ve been here in Korea for almost two years and before I go, I want to feature some Filipino bloggers in Korea.

PS. I swear, I’ll visit Korea every year to make some awesome K Drama itineraries!

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Maria Mimay of When in South Korea


I’m  Maria Mimay, currently in Seoul. I’m a hobbyist photographer and loves wandering. My website updates about my travel stories, festivals, places to visit, guided walking tours, Filipino community news and events…sharing my photography and more about South Korea.”

She is a nanny and an English tutor in Seoul. She started her blog a year ago. She usually writes about the places she has been in Korea especially in Seoul. She also writes features about Filipino community events because she is a FilCom leader.

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Anna Park of Buhay sa Korea


“Originally, I wrote about my life here ~ family, travels and my favorite Korean stars. Now I post more about information that the Filipinos in Korea might need.”

She is a Korean wife, mom, blogger and a business owner. She is living in Seoul since 2003. She started blogging in 2004 but it wasn’t until March 2005 when she did it more regularly.

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Ianne of Ianne the Explorer


“I’m a person who explores unfamiliar places, an adventurer. It’s my ultimate dream to explore the land of the Morning calm SOUTH KOREA. I travel with my friends every weekends and most of the time I travel alone.”

She is an factory worker in Paju city. She started blogging last April 2017. She writes about her experiences here in Korea, the places she sees in the Korean dramas.

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Chris of Mga Kuwento ng Aking Lente

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“I’m currently studying basic Korean language here while doing teaching on the side. I’m basically here because of my family. Been here for 2yrs now. I started blogging in 2014 but I wasn’t really an active blogger. I only write when I have spare time before. Last year because of my involvement with WOW Korea, I had an opportunity to write a lot of stories about my journey as a Supporter and that made me decide to write again, thus I activated the writer side of me.”

He lives in Bucheon, a city between Seoul and Incheon.  He’s an active supporter of different Korean organizations such as KTO, UNESCO and Funday Korea.  He’s a versatile type of blogger, he writes stories that he finds interesting and catches his attention as a writer.

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Khimmy of The World I See Around Me

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“I’m a full time mom with my only son, and a full time wife with the BEST husband. I started blogging in September 2016 because of my friends, but I wasn’t really an active blogger. I only write when I want before. I’m writing about the places my boys and I have been in South Korea.”

She lives in Bupyeong, Incheon for 5 years now. There are times when she invites Pinay friends to join her family in touring Korea. She feels blessed to have her husband as her tour guide. They travel weekly since her foot landed in Korea.

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