Garden of the Morning Calm: Lighting Festival

“During winter, most of the trees are withered. All they have is a lighting festival.”

I can’t believe that I wrote that in my previous blog about Garden of the Morning Calm. Last winter, I’ve decided to visit the Garden of the Morning calm not only once but twice!

Garden of the Morning Calm (6)

I thought that I would be disappointed but I really enjoyed all the lights!

Garden of the Morning Calm (2)

They’re all well arranged and pleasing to the eyes. You’ll feel that you are surrounded by a lot of Christmas trees.

Garden of the Morning Calm (3)

The plants may be withered because of the cold weather but the garden remains beautiful because of the colorful lights.

Garden of the Morning Calm

Well if you’re not a fan of lights, you can still enjoy the winter wonderland!

Garden of the Morning Calm (5)

Check out the Love in the Moonlight Filming Location!

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These places are really nice but I’d love to explore them with someone I love. I have this wishful thinking to bring a boyfriend in Korea. Will it be more enjoyable? Will I be happier? But I guess, I just have to be happy on my own for now.

Garden of the Morning Calm (1)

Finding a life partner is really hard. I’ve tried dating different people but I always end up getting hurt. I’m really praying that when he finally comes, I’ll be ready to meet him. (Life Update: Feb 19, 2022)

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When is the best time to visit?

My answer is still autumn. However, going there during winter is definitely not a bad idea. You can still enjoy the beautiful lights in the garden.

How to go there?

The fastest way to go there is to take the subway going to Cheongpyeong Station. Then take the Gapyeong Tour Bus or bus 31-7 going to Morning Calm Arboretum. If you miss the bus, you can take a taxi to go there.

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