Hostel Korea Changdeokgung

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Twin Room at Hostel Korea Changdeokgung

“Cheap and Cheerful” is an understatement. I saw those words written above the entrance of the hostel. Hostel Korea Changdeokgung is more than that. It doesn’t only provide a cheap and cheerful accommodation but also a homey and fancy environment. I must say that you’ll get more than what you paid for.

Hostel Korea Changdeokgung is the 11th and latest branch of Hostel Korea. They also have branches in different parts of Seoul and Jeju Island. Next year they will open a hotel named Seoul N Hotel. I’m so looking forward to experience it.

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I’m very satisfied because the room is fully equipped with all the things that a traveler needs. I really felt safe there because I saw that CCTV’s are also installed in the lobby and in the hallways.

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Inside the cozy capsule bed in Hostel Korea

Hostels Korea Changdeokgung is suitable for all types of travelers: for families, couples (and third wheels!), friends, and solo travelers.

Family Room

This room is suitable if you have four or more members in the family. There are two types of family room: two double beds or four tatami mattresses. The family room accommodates four people but you can request for an extra tatami mattress. It has a private bathroom, hair dryer, LED TV, refrigerator, water heater and mugs.

Triple Room

This room is suitable if you are traveling with friends. It contains three single beds. It has a private bathroom, hair dryer, LED TV, refrigerator, water heater and mugs.

Twin Room

This room is suitable for couples with a third wheel! (Kidding!) The room has two types: one double bed and one single bed or two single beds. It has a private bathroom, hair dryer, LED TV, refrigerator, water heater and mugs.

Double Room

This room is suitable for couples. It contains one queen sized bed. It has a private bathroom, hair dryer, LED TV, refrigerator, water heater and mugs.

Single Room

This room is suitable for solo travelers who wants privacy. It contains one single bed. It has a private bathroom, hair dryer, LED TV, refrigerator, water heater and mugs.

Female & Mixed Dormitory

This room is suitable for budget solo travelers! It contains ten capsule beds. In addition, it also contains lockers with power sockets. It has two shower rooms, and two toilets.

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Korea Hospitality Incubator – a cafe and a seminar room in the basement of the Hostel
  • The whole building is equipped with WIFI.
  • stand filled with free booklets and leaflets about tourist destinations
  • landline phone for local and international calls
  • computer in the lobby
  • a cafe and a seminar room in the basement
  • a kitchen and dining hall in the first floor
  • free self-service laundry and BBQ Lounge in the rooftop

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Changdeokgung Palace can be seen in the rooftop of Hostel Korea.

As I’ve said, it’s the perfect place for palace lovers! The tourist spots are just walking distance. You’ll save a lot of money in transportation. I can practically stay there for two days without using any transportation.



They provide free breakfast! The kitchen was loaded with bread and jam, boiled eggs, cereals, and fruits. After eating, the guests have to wash their own plates.


Hostel Korea (7).jpg
The Reception Area of Hostel Korea

The people from the receptionists, the housekeeping, and the kitchen staff are indeed cheerful. They smile to all the guests. They are all attentive and they speak English well. Besides Korean, some of them also speak Mandarin Chinese.

Check out their Facebook Page.

Hostel Korea (6).jpg
Relaxing wall decors inside the room at Hostel Korea
  • The check-in time is after 3pm. If you arrive earlier than that, you can use their free luggage keeping while touring around the palace quarter.
  • Wake up early if you want to catch their free breakfast. (8am-10am)
  • You can use the laundry room at the rooftop from 7am-9am, and 5pm to 11pm.
  • Don’t smoke inside the hostel! It’s a non-smoking building, you’ll need to pay 100,000 won if you violate.
  • Check out on or before 11am. They have extra-charge for every single hour.

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  1. Hi. Can you make a more detailed steps on how to get there? (Hostel Korea Changdeokgung) From Incheon Airport. Via KAL and via AREX. Thank you ??????

  2. How much did it cost you to stay in those hanoks , hostels , etc. per person or per room ? Is it safe to travel , do you have anymore lists of places to stay in , do you have to do reservations , any information will be a good help . Which airlines did booked into , thnaks .

    1. I posted the rates above. ???? It’s super safe to travel in Seoul. I’ve been traveling alone for more than a year now. The transportation is very foreigner friendly.
      You need to make a reservation if it’s peak season. Other times, you can just go there and check in.
      I used airasia and jeju air before.

  3. Cheap and cheerful, haha. Someone knew just how to draw people in, didn’t they? That is definitely a great area to stay in and to have something budget friendly is awesome for visitors. Great find.

  4. What a nice review! It makes me wish I could pay it a visit as well. I will recommend it to my friends who decide to visit. Its location is also very good! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. This hostel is located in one of my favorite areas of Seoul! So much to see and do around there and the price and amenities are great! Congrats on your first sponsored post!

  6. I usually recommend Gyungbukgung-Insadong-Myeongdong-Seoul Tower as a day trip activity in Seoul and knowing that there’s a nice hostel nearby will be very helpful. Is the capsule just a curtain? or is there more to it?

  7. This is such an informative and well-written post! It can be difficult choosing the best place to stay, especially in Seoul, which has so many places to pick. This place seems new and clean, free breakfast is always a big plus too!

  8. This looks like such a clean, cozy and modern hostel! I love that they provide free breakfast too! I usually select hostels based on location, price and whether or not they have free breakfast haha

  9. Looks spacious enough. Most of the hostels I’ve visited (since I sometimes tour people) are quite cramped without any space for the luggage ~ even the capsule room seems spacious.

  10. Looks like quite a lovely place to stay! I’ve only stayed at one hostel near the palaces and it was a terrible experience – I’m glad to see that there are nicer hostels available. I really like the wide variety of rooms and price ranges 🙂 Seems like a wonderful hostel!

  11. I am always being asked by friends for recommendation for accommodation. I don’t know any, hahahaha. I offer my house, instead. Thanks for this, Karla. The photos look nice and cozy for travellers. I will save this post for future reference

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