Insadong Adventure (Part 2)

I experienced the Insadong Adventure a day before I go to Philippines. The internet connection in the Philippines isn’t really good compared to what I use in Korea. It’s the reason why it took me a month before I made this post. LOL!

Insadong Adventure

Besides buying some traditional Korean stuff, I’ve learned that there are more interesting activities to do in Insadong. I was able to experience four attractions namely: Dynamic Maze, Alive Museum, Dark Room and Poopoo Land. 

Dynamic Maze

Insadong (7)

Ten foreigners/ expats were invited to try this awesome activity. We were divided into three groups with three to four members per team. It was really not a competition but we were a bit competitive.

There are 16 stations in the maze. In my opinion, this maze is made for teenagers and adults. Some stations really requires you to be physically fit. I think that it would be difficult for children to use this maze.

I strongly recommend this if you’re looking for an adventure/ exercise. I really sweat a lot!

Alive Museum

Insadong (3)

Alive Museum is just next to the Dynamic Maze. It is a place filled with paintings and trick arts. Alive Museum in Insadong is the largest fun exhibition in Seoul. Here are some of my photos taken inside:

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They have photo guides (sticker posted on the floor) to achieve the perfect angle for the pictures. They also have sample pictures on the side that you can imitate. I really enjoyed in that place. Oh by the way, if you’re using a camera phone, make sure you have an extra battery or a power bank! Be ready to be a part of art!

Dark Room

Insadong (1)

I didn’t take any photos inside the dark room. Why? Because it is literally dark! I can’t see anything. LOL. This activity isn’t for solo travelers. This should be done by groups or at least by pair.

When I went there, I have no idea what the dark room is. The staff brought us to one room for the briefing. They got all our stuff (including phones) then put it in a locker. Then, the tasks began!

We were bought to a very dark room. We had no choice but to hold each and listen to the instructions. They gave some tasks per room. I have no idea how many rooms and challenges we’ve been through but it’s really fun. I would recommend it for team building activities. You can bring your friends there, do tasks without using the sense of sight, and have a closer relationship with them


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