10 Must Buy Souvenirs in Korea

Whenever we travel, we often think about how much will be our budget, where to buy great stuff, and of course, what souvenirs to buy. In this blog post, I asked some K-influencers to share their must buy souvenirs in Korea.

1. Korean Jewelry Box

Bought it at the Insadong souvenir shops, price ranges on size but the one pictured was $52. I recommend it because it is a perfect souvenir for females, to put their jewelry or other keepsakes. Not only that but the designs on the jewelry boxes are really beautiful and what makes it even more of a thoughtful gift is that it is unique and handmade with mother of pearl. 

Anali Muli from California, Vlogger
Souvenirs in Korea

2. Korean Ginseng

I recommend the Ginseng Powder or Ginseng Extract Single Serve sachet. You can buy these products in a lot of places like Duty Free Shop in the airport, Jegidong Station Ginseng Market, or order online.  The Ginseng Powder is a gift from a friend and I won Ginseng Extract Single Serve sachet from a contest. So, I don’t know the actual price and of course it is not cheap for Ginseng products. The ginseng price is determined by the brand and the year.

Ginseng has many benefits. It benefits brain function, help me stay focus and alert. It boosts the immune system, I feel I am stronger after I drink it. Lastly, it fights tiredness and increase energy levels

Zhau Wan from Malaysia, Vlogger
Souvenirs in Korea

3. Banana Milk

I want to recommend Banana Milk. If you come to Korea you will see Banana Milk at every market, super market. It’s very easy to find in Korea. It’s very cheap at around W1000 ($1). But it’s very special gift for BTS fans (ARMY). Because this milk is a favourite milk of Jungkook BTS maknae! If you have ARMY friends Please buy this one as a SOUVENIR to them. They will be happy and keep it as a gold at home.

Noona Neath from Cambodia

4. Modern Hanbok

The hanbok is the traditional clothing of Korea and a modern hanbok really represents the culture of Korea but makes it very wearable. It’s great to combine together with a pair of jeans or some white trousers. You can buy it in Insadong or in any hanok village around Korea (like Gyeongju, Jeonju, etc). The price depends on the store but a blouse is usually between 40 000 and 70 000 krw.

Marie Boes, Founder of Be Marie Korea
Souvenirs in Korea

5. Post Cards

Aside that it’s lightweight, a person whose being an old soul or fond of traveling and collecting items from places they go, post cards are easy to find and cheaper. You can also send it to yourself or special someone as Korea has many postcard station to drop. You can buy it on stationary store, museums, theme park. Sometimes, it’s free. Other times, you only need to spend 2000 KRW.

Abram James Garcia from Philippines, Vlogger
Souvenirs in Korea

6. Citron Tea

First you should try in a tea house the fresh one, hot or cold, and then I would recommend to buy it in a supermarket like e-mart or homeplus, because there are several types of packaging (and weight!) and it is cheaper than in the souvenir shops. As I remember you can find it for some thousand wons. 1 kg in a jar is around 7000 won, but you can find smaller and bigger packages as well.

Ramóna Fajkuszné Kovács from Hungary

8. Notebooks

If you’re on a budget, you can go to stores like Daiso. They sell items for as low as 1,000 KRW each! There are many affordable souvenirs in Korea.

Katrina Noble from Philippines, Vlogger

9. Shirts and Key chains

The Myeongdong Underground Shopping center has a lot of souvenir items. They have shirts, key chains, beauty products, and even KPop merchandise.

Kate Polines from Philippines, Vlogger

10. Korean Utensils

I always choose spoon and chopsticks because it’s authentic. It has Korea engraved on utensil. Another option is a set of spoon and fork. That one is spoon and chopsticks. You can buy it in a souvenir shop along Itaewon Street. It costs around 30,000 KRW.

Wendyflor Palomo from Korea, blogger

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I hope this post gave you ideas on which souvenirs in Korea suits you. If you want to know more about Korea and its culture, you may also follow me on my other social media accounts.

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  1. Keychains for me forever and ever anywhere I go haha! And also ref magnet lol! Ang saya lang pag nakikita ko yung collection ko naggrow. 🙂 OK din sana yung postcards! Will take note all of these souvenirs!

  2. Keychains for me forever and ever anywhere I go haha! And also ref magnet lol! Ang saya lang pag nakikita ko yung collection ko naggrow. 🙂 OK din sana yung postcards! Will take note all of these souvenirs! 🙂

  3. I really love to visit talaga sa south korea Ms. Karla dahil sa kapapanood ko ng kdrama ☺️. I want to buy the banana milk kase dati pako nacucurious sa lasa niya tsaka yung citron tea.

  4. I really love to visit South Korea if I get a chance next year:) I would love to buy their utensils, banana milk shake, their cute dress, and postcards! That would be an amazing souvenir to display at home or as a gift to my friends and relatives.

  5. Omg I used to have that jewelry box and I wasn’t aware na from Korea pala yun?? It was a gift and now I know where my uncle and auntie got it haha thanks for sharing this list. There are so much things to shop in Korea aside from beauty products!

  6. You have listed some very interesting items that normally would not be souvenirs. Some day when I get to Korea, I will check out this list and see what it is all about. Thanks for the heads up.

  7. Di mawawala shirts sa mga binibili namin kapag napupunta kami sa ibang lugar. Kapag nakapagKorea kami for sure kasama ang shirts. Gusto ko matry yung banana milk! Mahilig ako sa mga flavored milks. And yung mga spoons ang sarap kumain kapag korean spoons gamit. di ko lang alam kung bakit haha

  8. This is actually one of the things I’m looking forward to going to other places. Buying things that are best to get in the country. So thank you for this list because I will be looking at it again when I go to Korea

  9. Hi Miss Karla. I just read your blogs. I love it so much po. Sana maging blogger din ako tulad mo. God bless you po and more blogs pls❤

  10. Wow.Daming pagpipilian.Masarap ang honey buttered almond.Bigay pa sakin ng friend ko nung magtravel din sila sa Korea.

  11. Notebooks and keychains! Love ko sila, kahit nakatambak lang, okay lang, haha. Tsaka bet ko rin yung Ginseng and Citron

  12. Madaming options na magaganda pero I like Korean Ginseng, daming health benefits. Must have na souvenier! ❤️

  13. daming mabibili jan ate huhuhu parang gusto q na tuloy magpunta ng korea bigla ?❤

  14. Yes! Hope me so i can travel on this kind of wonderful and nice destination i will buy this your 10 nice souviner ideas lalo na yun Jewerly box perfect gift for my relatives and friends Ms. Karla ??❤

  15. Di pa ko nakainom ng Korean ginseng.. Gusto ko to try ma’am karla.. Baka magbago pangangatawan ko.. Lagi kasi feeling pagod gawa ng low blood ako.. ??

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