KBS Music Bank

Attending the KBS Music Bank is actually one of my biggest flexes! I’ve seen a lot of KPop Idols there!

Whenever people know that I’m working in Korea, they always ask me if I saw any Korean idols. I would always say, “I haven’t.” It’s hard to meet the idols. They are VIP’s and they don’t stroll around Seoul like a normal person.

Everything changed last March 3, 2017.

I was able to watch a lot of Korean idols performing in the KBS Music Bank!

KBS Music Bank.jpeg

When I joined the KTO contest, I didn’t really expect anything. I just sent a random e-mail just to try if I have a luck in online contests. I know that the schedule of the live show will be on a Friday. I work on Fridays.

It was March 2, when I got the email. Good thing, my boss was in the office when I got the message. He saw how shock I was while reading it. I told him immediately about it. Fortunately, he allowed me to go!

I’ve been working in Korea for more than a year and a half. I was never absent. Because of that, I still decided to go to the office in the morning. I checked the KBS Facebook Live “Spotted at Music Bank” before I went to the office. Some of the KPop Idols are arriving!


I arrived at KBS around 1pm. There was less paparazzi in the entrance. I thought that I won’t see any of them if I wait there. So, I ate lunch and then went back there at 1:30pm. I still have 2 hours to kill!

I went to the KBS Art Hall. I’ve seen so many people lining up. I asked someone what’s the line for. The girl said that it’s the line for the pre-show. Some KPOP groups are performing in the morning so that they won’t perform in the live show. I was feeling disappointed that time thinking that I won’t see all of the groups in the show.

The people in the line are all fans. They even have light sticks and LED lights for concert signs. I just realized that I’m not really prepared for it. LOL. I’m not a fan, I’m just a mere spectator.

Although it was really cold that time, I decided to go back to the entrance and join the paparazzi outside. I was out in the cold for two hours yet the photographers are there since morning. It’s interesting how some of them run whenever they see some staff with big bags. When there are clothing and make up persons, it means that an artist is arriving.

It was around 3pm when I got my ticket. I had to show my passport for verification.


At 4pm, I entered the KBS Art Hall. There were girls dancing. They are the Dream Catcher. Honestly, I don’t really have any idea who they are. I’m just looking forward to see Tae-Oh of Legend of the Blue Sea. He’s a member of Cross Gene. His real name is Shin Won-Ho. To my surprise, Cross Gene performed after Dream Catcher!!!

It’s my first time to watch a live show. I’m really amazed in the production team. The floor managers and the security are also good as well. The lights, the special effects, and the staff are awesome!

However, there are some rules that I had to follow. Eating inside the studio is not allowed. During the show, going out of the studio is not allowed.  Photo and Video recording are prohibited.

My phone battery was broken that time. I only had my point and shoot camera with me.

I watched around 14 performances from 4pm to 5pm. To be honest, I didn’t realize that they were just pre-recording their performances for the 5pm live show. I was really enjoying all the performances and the different chants of the fans.

The live show started at 5pm. Since their performances were already recorded, some artists just go to the stage and sing for a short time. They don’t finish the whole song. Other artists that I haven’t seen in the pre-show went to the stage during the live show (Twice, Viction, Lovelyz, and Taeyeon).

The show ended at 6:30. It was too long for me. I must admit that I dozed off a few times during the live show (Sorry!). Cross Gene performed in the pre-show and in the live show. I’m glad to see Tae-oh Oppa!

Anyway, on my way out of the studio I was able to take a picture of Twice. As some people say, “Pics or it didn’t happen!

KBS Music Bank (3).jpg

Attending the KBS Music Bank is one of the highlights in my Korea trip. I must say that I feel blessed to have an opportunity like that. Other fans spend a lot of money just to see their idols, while I just used my luck to join a random contest in the internet.


How did I get a ticket to KBS Music Bank?

I joined a contest in Korean Tourism Organization Facebook Page. Here are the details.

How to see KPOP idols in Seoul?

Wake up early on a Friday morning and go to KBS. Join the fans and paparazzi as they wait for the KPop idols attending the KBS music bank.


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