Best Travel Agency for Korean Visa

Whenever people go to Korea, they often search for the best travel agency for Korean Visa. I also had so many inquiries about Korean Visa Requirements, Budget Travel Itineraries, and Travel Tips for first time travelers. In this post, I’ll give you reasons why KIS Travel is the best travel agency for Korean Visa.

1. They have an office in Manila.

In this digital age, I believe that it is still important to transact face to face. Whenever I book using a travel agency, I make sure to check if they have a physical office.

Best Travel Agency for Korean Visa

2. Business Permits are posted on the wall.

How do we know if they are legal? Search for business permits. KIS Travel and Tours displays the important documents on their wall. You’re sure that the government recognizes their business.

Best Travel Agency for Korean Visa

3. The staff are responsive to inquiries.

Answering the Visa Application Form can be quite confusing. Whenever I have inquiries, they are just one call away. They also reply fast on their Facebook Page.

Best Travel Agency for Korean Visa

4. They give lots of freebies!

I received some items when I submitted my visa requirements. Besides these stuff from Korea, they also gave me some gift coupons from V-Prove.

Best Travel Agency for Korean Visa

5. They have an office in Seoul.

6. The owners are very accommodating.

They are very down to earth. Although it’s already late at night, the owners themselves fetch us from the airport. We also had a chimaek night in the hostel. Lastly, they send us off to the airport.

Best Travel Agency for Korean Visa

7. Their packages are affordable and unique.

Although I lived in Korea for two years, there are still activities I haven’t tried. One of them is having an acupuncture. In one of our walking tours, they brought us to Medical Korea in Myeongdong to experience unique activities. I couldn’t go there without them.

In addition, they also included Imjingak in their itinerary. I was able to have a glimpse of North Korea because of that tour.

8. Their itineraries are flexible.

Even though I signed up for the group tour, I also had time for myself. They also gave me free time to visit Kdrama filming locations and to do my Non Invasive Nose lift and Face Thread lift in Gangnam.

Face Thread Lift in Korea

9. They are fun to be with.

Although I’m just a joiner, I’ve never felt out of place. They make sure to make the group inclusive. Besides being our tour guide, they also take good pictures of the group. Moreover, I also like their choice of accommodation, and hanbok rental place.

10. They will never leave you behind.

One of the joiners almost got offloaded when we were in NAIA. Sir Vhon, one of the staff of KIS Travel, accompanied her during the interrogation with the immigration officer. It’s her first time abroad and KIS Travel and Tours made it possible!

Travel with Karla

For inquiries, check the following contact details:

Travel with Karla


  1. I’m sold with these two: “The owners are very accommodating” and “They will never leave you behind”. As a person who doesn’t travel much, those 2 traits are what I would first look for in an agency. ?

  2. A very accommodating travel agencies and informative articles. I will seek help from the agency when have budget to visit Korea.

  3. A very accommodating travel agencies and informative post. I will seek help when I have budget to visit Korea.

  4. Korea is not yet on my bucket list due to budget but when I plan to, I’ll consider this travel agency because of your positive and very detailed post. The owners looked very accommodating too.

    Happy of your satisfactory transaction with them.

  5. Whoa sounds like you found a fabulous travel agent. I don’t even know that we have one travel agents in our city any more. Seems here in California everyone books online.

  6. Very interesting. For any company or agency to truly stand out, they must be unique. I guess these 10 points are why they are the best. Quality customer service and unique packages are important.

  7. Wow! If only all agencies were like this! Offering freebies, very accommodative and staff who are ready to help you asap?! I would enjoy more and more travelling. Anyway, this is so inspiring for those visiting Korea.

    1. Korea is included in my countries to visit next and I’m sure I will need a lot of assistance. I will surely remember KIS Travels from this post and consider it as one of my options. Thanks for the recommendation!

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