Jongmyo Shrine

Jongmyo Shrine is the supreme shrine of the state.
It was listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.
Inside the Shrine, you can find some old stuff that the Kings used.
This thing was used by the King for bathing. LOL.
The exhibits here are simpler and fewer compared to Gyeongbukgung Palace.
Again, winter isn’t recommended to visit this place. It’s too cold to walk for an hour.
I went there with a Filipina friend. I arrived there at 11:20, which is the Korean tour. They said that the English tour begins at 12:00 but we don’t want to wait so we just walked with the Koreans even if we barely understand what the tour guide was saying. LOL.
The ambiance here is so “Koreanovela-ish”
Some pathways are for the spirits. Beware of the signs. 🙂
This is the place where the memorial services/ the oldest ancestral rites are being held.
How to go there:
Take the subway to Jongno 3-ga station.
Adult: 1,000 won
Children: 500 won
Except for Saturdays, only guided tours are allowed in this place.
English guided tours are available on 10am, 12am, 2pm, and 4pm.