Sincerely, Shawols Cafe

If you’re a fan of SHINee, you’ll be excited to hear this great news. The wait is over. Sincerely, Shawols Cafe is now open!

Sincerely, Shawol's Cafe

SHINee is a boy band from SM Entertainment. The group is composed of FIVE members: Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin.  Even though Jonghyun passed away two years ago, he’ll forever stay in the hearts of Shawols (SHINee’s fandom name).

Sincerely, Shawol’s Cafe is not just the usual snack house. It’s a haven for Shawols. Don’t be afraid to go there alone. After your visit, you’ll have a new friend because most of the customers there are fans. You already have lots of things to talk about.

Sincerely, Shawol's Cafe

Inside the Cafe, you’ll see big pictures of each member on the left side. On the right side, you can watch music videos on SHINee while eating your favorite Korean snacks. Unlike other shops, the albums and items here are affordable. The goal of the owner is to provide albums to fans at an affordable price.

Sincerely, Shawol's Cafe

You can see the complete albums of SHINee displayed on the shelves. Besides that, you can also buy some light sticks and other official merchandise of SHINee.

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Are you craving for food that you often see in Korean dramas? Worry no more! They have snacks, pastas, ramyeon, desserts, coffee, frappe, and even milk tea.

Sincerely, Shawol's Cafe

Snacks, Pastas, and Ramyeon

Snacks includes French Fries (50), Flavored Fries (55), Nachos (70), and Hashbrown (20). They are very budget friendly! Moreover, if you want something heavy you can try their Pastas: Chicken Alfredo (105), Aglio E Olio (95), and Spaghetti with Meatballs (100). I and my friends personally like the Ramyeon because it gives us Korean Feels! You have to try their Kimchi Ramyeon (105), Jajjangmyeon (110), and Cheese Ramyeon (105).


Their desserts won’t disappoint you. Blueberry Cheesecake (60) and Cakepops (25) are their best sellers. If you want to go extra, you must try their Red Velvet with Cream Cheese (120) or Moist Cake with Butter Cream (105). The cake serving is good for two people. If you are on a budget, they have brownies (20) and cheesecake brownies (30).


They offer hot and iced coffee. The price ranges from 65 to 105 pesos. I ordered their Wintermelon Milk Tea (90), if you want pearls, you need to add 15. They also have Hokkaido, Taro, Chocolate, Vanilla and Matcha Milk Tea. Their best seller for frappe is the blueberries and cream (90) and cookies and cream. Other flavors includes strawberry, strawberries and cream, buko pandan, chocolate and choco vanilla.

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The owner, Larizza Camille Pasao, is a long time fan of SHINee. Would you believe that this entrepreneur is just 25 years old? It’s really inspiring to meet KPop fans who uses their passion to make a difference. Check out her twitter account: @moonrapbbit

Sincerely, Shawol's Cafe

Camille visits different countries just to watch SHINee in their concerts. She even collects the fan banners. You can see them displayed all over the place.

Sincerely, Shawol's Cafe

When she’s not attending concerts, she spends some time designing enamel pins, charms, and prints about SHINee. Check out her website: MOONRAPBBIT. You may see these pins displayed on the counter. I suggest that you buy it there to avoid expensive shipping fees.

Sincerely, Shawol's Cafe
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Sincerely, Shawol’s Cafe is located at 9014 Jakar Building, Palico IV, Imus, Cavite. If you’re from Manila, take a bus going to Tagaytay or Nasugbu. Get off at MCI. Walk towards Alfa Mart. Across that, you’ll see Sincerely, Shawols Café.

Sincerely Shawol's Cafe
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Is Sincerely, Shawol’s Cafe worth the travel time? Of course! The place will satisfy all your senses. You eyes will be pleased with the interior and of course the SHINee merchandise. You will be satisfied with the taste of the food while listening to SHINee’s various songs. Lastly, it won’t hurt your pockets!

Sincerely Shawol's Cafe
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  1. As a fan of Shinee, I don’t know what’s gonna be my first reaction if I visit the place. Probably it’ll gonna bring back the good all days when we use to spend time and money to support them and other SM artists! It’s sad that we never had the chance to see them back again here but having at least this kind of cafe nearby is a good remedy whenever I miss them.

  2. So cute! The ambiance is so vibrant, lovely and refreshing. I like the theme, and will definitely try this out when I get to passby the area.

  3. This is such a wonderful place and Instagrammable too.The prices of the food are very affordable. I bet you had a great travel experience.

  4. I’m not really a KPOP fan so I don’t know who SHINee is, but i like the color. I can start from that. I’ve recently took to liking Korean noodles. I especially like the spicy one. I’m going to like eating at this place.

  5. I’ve recently took to liking korean food. I don’t know the names of the food, though, but I love their spicy noodles.

  6. Not a huge fan of Kpop artists, but I love their food! This cafe looks very neat and IG worthy. Oh and kudos to that very young owner, I hope she succeed early in life.

  7. Wooo another Korean inspired cafe! I will share this to my friends who are addicted to KPop and K drama 🙂
    By the way, it is inspiring that the owner is still young! She can inspire everybody to start their own business.

  8. Admirable to see a fanpreneur (fan and entrepreneur)! She used her passion for business and she’s happy to be sharing all those merchandise she has collected. Good one!

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