Things to Pack for Winter

Nami Island

When you live in a tropical country, seeing snow will be one of your dreams. It’s the reason why many Filipinos choose to go here during the winter season.

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Petite France

Besides itineraries, people often ask me about the things they need to bring or wear in their trip. So here it is!

Mt. Gwanaksan

Let me start from head to toe…

1. Beanies, Earmuffs, Gloves, and Scarfs

I’m not into beanies so I chose to wear earmuffs. At first, I thought that wearing earmuffs is just for fashion. I was wrong. It’s really useful. The ears are mainly composed of cartilage, it has less fat and muscle, that’s why it gets cold easily. Besides the ears, fingers also gets frozen easily that’s why we need to wear thick gloves. Wearing a hat or earmuffs, and gloves will really help you stay warm.

Please don’t you ever forget to bring scarfs! It’s really essential especially if you can’t manage the extremely low temperature. But if you’re not into scarfs, you can opt to wear a turtle neck longsleeves.

2. Thermal Clothes / Heat Tech Clothing

What the hell is that? Heat Tech clothing provides insulation from the cold winter. It absorbs and retain the heat in your body.

Where can I buy it? You can buy it at Uniqlo, Marks & Spencer, Stradivarius, and Bershka. If you’re on a budget, you can also buy them at Greenhills tiangge, Winterhouse in Cartimar, and Divisoria. I bought some of my clothes at Ukay Hub in Tagaytay.  You can also buy it online via Lazada and Zalora.

Do I really need to buy it? Well, not really. I usually wear any shirt or longsleeves under my sweater.

3. Winter Jackets & Coats

I know it’s bulky but you only need one. Instead of putting it inside your luggage, you can put in your hand carry.

4. Winter Leggings & Pants

I bought my fur leggings in a thrift shop (ukay ukay) in Tagaytay. If you don’t have one, you can use a normal leggings and wear jeans on top of it.

5. Socks & Shoes or Boots

Wear thick socks. I suggest boots than shoes. If possible, wear the duck boots because it’s water repellant. As for me, I usually wear boots that has fur inside.

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Did I miss something?

Write your thoughts on the comment box below. <3


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  2. Hi Karla. Thanks for this. We actually dont have any idea on the clothing to prepare, especially for my boots. Please give some inputs. We’ll be having our travel on the mid of March. Thanks.

  3. which is better.. buy winter clothes here in PH or just it in Korea? I think they have differences in term of quality?

  4. Heat packs! Haha have you heard of those? You’ll find those in the convenience stores in countries with winter. So basically these heat packs can be put on your foot (yes, inside the shoes!), in your pockets, also you can stick them to your sides (on your shirt), etc. Oh my gosh they helped me so much because I couldn’t handle the cold!

  5. I find it hard finding boots with fur inside, unless they are the ugly Uggs kind, so I suggest getting some fur lined insoles that you put inside your shoes or sneakers. They will give you an extra layer between your toes and snow.

  6. NIce post! I’m from Masssachusetts, and we get mighty cold winter usually, so I like to think I’m accustomed to the cold. Then sometimes I think to myself if that’s even possible. I realized over the last few years that wearing was the key when spending any significant time outdoors. Thanks for the tips!

  7. Glad to live on the southern coast where most of the winter weather isn’t cold enough to need super warm clothes! We still have fall leaves here in Yeosu until mid-December! Good list for all those people living and traveling up north for sure though!

  8. Hahaha I am a Filipino who grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. We have cold weather 10 months out of the year! I always exclaimed that my inability to take in the cold was because I had tropical blood 😛 At first I though I would be accustomed to the cold in my transition from Boston to Korea, but I realized they have poor insulation in all their buildings which is why it was so hard to escape from the cold!!

  9. You hit the nail on the head Karla! I think the most important tip about gearing up for winter is layering, even if it’s not thermal/heat tech wear. I am from Chicago and we get some of the most brutal winters in the world yet I never used heat tech clothing and managed just fine. Ear muffs, gloves, thick socks and layers under jeans and sweaters are ESSENTIAL!

  10. The heat tech clothing are amazing! Especially for me who isn’t really a fan of winter. During my first years here in Korea, I got bad skin allergy from the cold that I needed to have injection and I had to sleep taking anti-histamine. I’m dreading negative temp again but for now, heat tech underwears (leggings and shirts) are comforting to me.

  11. Good list! I agree with you for all of these things. I have heard on the news that this Winter will be the coldest yet! D:
    I have already bought my smartphone screen sensitive gloves and fur scarf!
    btw I think there is a typo. Do you mean ‘Heat Tech’? It says ‘Heat Teach’

  12. Fleece leggings are amazing, I love them! So are the heat tech things. It’s funny how you dream about seeing snow- I hate winter! I’m from Scotland and I dream about tropical islands in The Philippines!

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