Chavez Estate

Chavez Estate turned one last December 8, 2018. I and my blogger friends from Cavite and Manila went there to meet up and be a part of Chavez Estate’s anniversary. They have free overflowing chocolate on that day!

Chavez Estate

Originally, Mr. Raymond Chavez only wants to have a chocolate shop located in Silang. He didn’t expect that it will turn into a restaurant that offers gourmet food!


Their menu includes Deconstructed Wonton Chicken Taquitos (₱175), California Salad Sandwich Rolls (₱195), Vegan Caesar Salad (₱290), Shrimp and Kani Salad with Coconut and Kaffir Vinaigrette (₱350), Chavez Estate Salad (₱290), Oriental Chicken Salad (₱300), Mozarella Sticks (₱280), Pumpkin Puree Soup with Basil Pesto (₱200), and Fresh Tomato Soup with Queso de Bola Crisp (₱220).

Chavez Estates’ Mozarella Sticks are tasty and definitely not oily! The cheese melts perfectly and doesn’t spill out of the ends. It goes well with the dressing. It’s a perfect appetizer for a group.

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Mozarella Sticks and Deconstructed Wonton Chicken Taquitos


They offer five types of pasta. The Chicken Veronique Linguine (₱275) has butter and sherry with grapes (See Picture above). They also have Gamberetti (₱330-430), Vegan Bolognese (₱250), Familia Chavez Lasagna with Eggplant (₱600), and Yin Yang Pasta (₱250).

Yin Yang Pasta: A sampler of Vegan goodness – basil cashew pesto + roasted Sicilian garlic + fiery marinara

Main Dish

They offer gourmet meals at a price that won’t break the bank. I really love the tenderness of the Chavez Baby Back Ribs! Filo Crusted Salmon also exceeded my expectations.

If you’re looking for something new, you should try their chocolate infused Pork Belly Dinuguan with chimmichuri rice.

Chavez Estate
Chocolate infused Pork Belly Dinuguan (₱245)


Besides the usual drinks, they have honey ginger iced tea (₱115) , mint lemonade (₱125), lemon pesto (₱150), season fruit shake or smoothies (₱180), lemon cucumber (₱150), and blended iced coffee (₱180). 

They also offer desserts but I didn’t get the chance to try them because I already ate too much. I’ll update you on my next visit! By the way, they have complimentary cake for birthdays!

The staff in Chavez Estate are carefully selected. Most of them have experienced working in top restaurants in Tagaytay and Manila. I even met one of my mom’s student!

Chavez Estate is located at 2570 Bypass Road, San Vicente, Silang, Cavite. They are open from 7am to 10pm.

Indoor Ambiance

Chavez Estate (2)
The cabinet behind me contains some delicacies from their Cocoa Farm.

The Mr. Chavez is very hands on with the interior design. He want it to have a rustic and country style ambiance. In the near future, he plans to improve it by adding a sky garden. 

Chavez Estate (2)
This is perfect for Instagram!

Chavez Estate can accommodate 40 people inside and 100 people outside. They accept reservations for events like birthdays, corporate meetings, and even weddings!

Outdoor Ambiance

I like the vintage feels of their tables and chairs. It looks like you’re in a different country.

Evening Ambiance

If you want to feel the cold breeze at night, this is a great place to be!

As of now, they only have one branch in Silang, Cavite. Mr. Chavez  plans to have another branch in Bonifacio Global Center. 

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People drive all the way to Tagaytay to visit restaurants like Josephine Restaurant or Aozora Japanese Restaurant. However, when people think about Silang, Cavite, they can’t identify any good restaurants. Now that I discovered Chavez Estate, I will surely recommend it to my friends! No need to go to Tagaytay to experience good food.

Besides Chavez Estate, Mr. Chavez also owns a cacao farm. It’s the reason why some of the food they serve are infused with chocolate. On my next visit, I will surely try their gluten free Adlai and Quinoa champorado! 

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  1. Wow. You do find some awesome places! This one looks really nice. The ambiance makes dining there really special.

  2. I am very intrigued with that chocolate-infused dinuguan. 🙂 I also don’t know a lot of good restaurants in Silang, it’s good that you recommended this one! Hope boyfriend and I can visit here next time.

  3. Nice review! All I can think of while reading this is enjoying the comforts of a homey, rustic ambiance while indlulging in homestyle cooking ala gourmet. Coffee and desserts is also a good idea right? Ah. All I can think of are the elements of a nice place to spend the holidays this cold season. Hehe. 🙂 can’t wait for the BGC branch!! Invite me pls when they have food tasting. 🙂 lol.

  4. That’s so excited! Their food looks amazing, i’ll definitely have to pay them a visit if I’m ever in the area…

  5. This look like a great place to go to for the whole family. It look like a great mixture of types of food.

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