Severo’s Garden Cafe

Severo’s Garden Cafe is now open! This al fresco dining place in Amadeo is ready to serve you with mouthwatering Filipino dishes and coffee.

Severo's Garden Cafe

If you want to be surrounded by plants while hanging out with your family and friends, this is the perfect place for you.

Severo's Garden Cafe
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Here are my top picks from their menu:

1. Puto Bumbong

Traditionally, Filipinos often eat these purple rice cakes during Christmas season. In Severo’s Garden Cafe, you can have it anytime of the year. Eating this Filipino delicacy will really make you feel like it’s Christmas!

They also have mango cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, Severo’s Tiramisu, and leche flan.

Mango and Strawberry Cake

2. Crispy Sisig Pizza

Severo’s Garden Cafe combined two of my favorite comfort food, sisig and pizza! Forget the rice and the pasta, this is a must try meal for adventurous people. It will not only satisfy your cravings but it will also make your stomach full. You will definitely get what you paid for.

Severo's Garden Cafe

You may also try their 3 Cheese Pizza and Chicken BBQ Quesadillas. In addition, I also recommend their Adobo Pasta (115) and Creamy Carbonara (99).

3. Oyster Mushroom Chips

Their oyster mushroom chips comes in seven flavors. They have original, cheese, spicy, garlic, BBQ, sour cream, and salted egg. It’s really tasty, you’ll want to bring some home.

Severo's Garden Cafe

4. Cucumber Lemonade

Since I went to to be refreshed, I chose to have a cold drink. The Cucumber Lemonade is definitely a thirst-quencher. They offer hot drinks, Italian Soda, Frappe, and of course, Special Coffee.

Severo's Garden Cafe

5. Via’s Coffee

Their specialty coffee is one of the best blends you’ll find in Amadeo. I highly recommend Via’s Coffee. They also have Kape ni Sever and Excelsa. In addition, you may also try their cappuccino, latte, mocha, caramel, matcha latte, and vanilla.

Severo's Garden Cafe

Check out their menu:

Severo's Garden Cafe
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Severo’s Garden Cafe is located at Barangay Bucal, Amadeo, Cavite. It’s just beside Olivia’s Coffee Estate.

Severo's Garden Cafe
Photo from Joyce Bawag

How to go there?

via Gil Puyat LRT 1

  • Get on Metro Manila Skyway in Makati from Buendia Ave/Sen. Gil J. Puyat Ave and Finlandia
  • Follow Metro Manila Skyway, S Luzon Expy/Pan-Philippine Hwy/R-3 and Governor’s Dr to Conchu Rd in Trece Martires
  • Continue on Conchu Rd to your destination in Amadeo

via SLEX

  • Follow Metro Manila Skyway, S Luzon Expy/Pan-Philippine Hwy/R-3 and Governor’s Dr to Kaong in Carmona
  • Continue on Kaong to Silang
  • Turn left onto Emilio Aguinaldo Hwy/R-2
  • Continue on Silang-Banaybanay Rd to your destination in Amadeo

via Tagaytay

  • Follow Emilio Aguinaldo Hwy/R-2 to Buho-Talon Rdin Amadeo
  • Continue on Buho-Talon Rd to your destination


  • Ride a bus bound to Trece Martires- Indang (there’s one near the Manila City Hall and Coastal Mall). Drop by Manggahan- Gen. Trias Drive. 
  • Ride a jeepney going to Amadeo. 
  • Ask the driver to drop you at Olivia’s Cafe.
Severo's Garden Cafe

You may also visit their Facebook Page: Severo’s Garden Cafe to be updated with their promos.

Travel with Karla

I had a great experience at Severo’s Garden Cafe. First, I love the ambiance. It really feels good to be surrounded by plants. Second, they have live band when I went there. The band plays old songs. Lastly, the staff are courteous and skilled.

Renz Simpao, Thinkable Box
Renz Simpao of Thinkable Box

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  1. Im all in for nature themed restaurants. Severo’s Garden Cafe looks amazing. menu’s seem great! will consider this on my next out of town trip

  2. This Severo’s Garden Cafe seems to be amazing. This is a place that is perfect for those people who loves to be surrounded by plants. This is also perfect for those people who are craving for Filipino dishes. I really want to visit this place someday and experience it on my own.

  3. Big yes sa kin tong Severo’s Garden Cafe coz of their plants ? my plantita’s heart can’t resist this place, it’s ineffable. I like the feeling na super relax ka while enjoying their foods and drinks. I would like to try their coffee, masarap kape sa amadeo.

  4. Talagang Ang ganda po dito sa Severo’s Garden Cafe very relaxing place and love the ambiance very Instagrammable din kaya Ang gandang magpicture picture Ang sasarap pa ng mga foods Nila Lalo na ung puto bumbong my favorite ? must visit talaga ito ?

  5. Natutuwa po ako dahil open napo ang Severo’s Garden Cafe. Sobrang ganda po dyan ms karla,. mapalabas at sa loob talaga namang kamangha mangha. Must visit po talaga dito at Siguradong mag eenjoy ang boong pamilya or mga friends natin para matikman din ang kanilang mga foods. GUSTO kopong matikman itong Crispy Sisig Pizza. Isa ito sa pinaka paborito kong pagkain, at for sure masarap din po ito. Itsura palang talaga panalong panalo na.. Worth it po talaga ang pag visit dito..

  6. Really Must this Kind of Garden Cafe, Place palang sobrang marerelax kana po talaga, dahil sa ganda ng Ambiance, very Instagrammable, and kung sa Menu nman ang pagUusapan truly Hindi ka manghihinayang to Visit there, dahil tunay matatakam sa mga foods and Refreshing Drink Nila, ang sarap sarap Matry Jan Ate Karla.. kaya thanks for sharing Po… trult worth to share this and perfect na perfect for whole Family and Friends..

  7. The place has unique design and they put plants that makes it more attractive and relaxing. But what I like the most about your review Ms. Karla is the foods that Severo’s Garden Cafe offered especially my favorite puto bumbong. Plus they also have some refreshing drinks.

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