Lenovo EdVision: A Solution for A Smarter Future

Being a teacher is not an easy job. Every day, teachers have to think of ways how to be updated with the current trends to keep up with the needs of their students. I’m really thankful that there are useful resources on the internet just like the Lenovo EdVision.

Lenovo EdVision Programs and Solutions

Lenovo EdVision continues to empower me by improving my teaching methods through their programs. What I love about their program is that they believe that no one-size-fits-all solution. They assess the readiness of the institution before creating suitable training for the stakeholders.

Lenovo EdVision

1. Microsoft Education

Currently, they offer short courses about Microsoft. This includes Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE), Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE), and Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE). These courses will definitely help educators to integrate information and communication technologies into classroom instruction.

Two years ago, I attended one of their webinars about Microsoft Excel. Until now, I’m still using all the techniques taught during the webinar. There are really many advantages of attending Lenovo EdVision webinars.

2. Protection

As a Lenovo laptop owner, I take pride in how they take protection seriously. They actually have Comprehensive Accidental Damage Protection. Standard warranty terms and conditions don’t cover accidental damage. In Lenovo, they can cover accidental drops, spills, bumps, and even structural failures incurred under normal operating conditions. This includes electrical surges and damage to the LCD screen.

Lenovo EdVision

They also have ThinkShield security. In case your device gets broken, this keeps potentially sensitive data secure by wiping the drives and securely recycling the parts. Your sensitive information will not be leaked. They also enforce cybersecurity against campus intrusion and accident detection.

3. Transition

Besides the provision of great quality equipment, Lenovo guides the educators by providing workshops to make the transition efficient. They have a white-boarding workshop and webinars about Workflow Management and Business Change Management.

I personally enjoyed the white-boarding workshop. It taught me how to use the digital whiteboard in the classroom. I’d say that it’s perfect for math teachers who have to write the solution on the board. It’s also great for preschool teachers who love drawing different shapes on the board while teaching the students.

4. Enable

Lenovo Smart Fleets Services and Education Training Services enable smart solution adoption. IT Asset Management is made simple with Lenovo Smart Fleet Services. They have programs to consolidate your device management, track assets in real-time, and maintain standard operating environments.

5. Provision

Lenovo provides seamless deployment to reduce time and lower costs. They have solutions such as Project Management, Microsoft Autopilot, and RTP (Ready-To-Provision) and RTP+ deployment. This is very helpful for people who are not so knowledgeable about the technical sides of the software and hardware.

6. Support

They ensure quality support. There is a Premier Support on Lenovo Machines. In addition, they have a Centralized Managed Services Desk support for Lenovo and 3rd party software and hardware. So far, I haven’t experienced any problems yet with my Lenovo laptop. I’m just glad that there’s support whenever I will need one.

Hybrid Learning

The future of education is Hybrid Learning. In fact, it’s already happening now. Hybrid Learning became the best alternative to traditional learning when the pandemic started. How does it work? Hybrid learning allows students to choose whether to learn in person or to participate online. In addition, it is blended learning that combines face-to-face and online instruction.

Lenovo EdVision

With the use of Lenovo EdVision solutions, more and more educators will learn how to maximize and how to excel in the Hybrid Learning setup. If you’re a teacher like me, I’m inviting you to try the Lenovo EdVision Programs and Solutions too! Visit their website at https://lenovoedvision.com/ph/.

By the way, there’s an ongoing Education Caravan wherein Lenovo EdVision visits its partner schools to showcase Lenovo EdVision Smart Education Solution Tools perfect for Hybrid setup or even face-to-face. People can send them a message on their Facebook Page for more details.

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  1. I haven’t had Lenovo, but reading this makes me consider the brand in the future. These are really helpful in doing tasks.

  2. Lenovo does take their service a notch higher, don’t they? Gusto ko rin mag attend ng Excel webinar na yan one time. I need to update my know-hows.

  3. Ang ganda ng mga programs ng Lenovo for educators like you! Sobrang lucky ng educators nowadays to have this. Btw, my laptop is Lenovo and sulit na sulit sa akin 🙂

  4. My laptop is Lenovo pala. But of course, I don’t have these things that you can avail. Maganda ang program ng Lenovo Edvision for educators, especially ang webinars. You’re lucky to avail these services.

  5. It’s great to hear that Lenovo have good quality support. It’s always good to know there is help when you need it.

  6. Such an amazing program. Teachers need supportive programs too and I like that Lenovo offers those skills. Best of luck!

  7. Lenovo is a very reliable laptop. When I used to work in Deloitte, I used to procure units for our employees. It is great that Lenovo keeps on innovating.

  8. Can’t ask for more! It’s really the best choice for us! In any aspect! Specs and amazing! Switching in

  9. Yes very recommended po dahil talagang helpful to to both teachers and students

    1. Yayy that’s good po ,ms.karla,daming learnings pala nito and thank you for sharing this❤️?

  10. Wow that’s good news po. Big help pa naman itong Lenovo Edvision hindi lang sa student or teacher kundi sa lahat na interested matuto.

    1. It will very help to our teachers and to especially teachers who started to teach❤️Lenovo Edision had a lot of learning High quality and very recommended po ito?

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