Advantages of Attending Lenovo EdVision Webinars

There are many advantages of attending Lenovo EdVision Webinars. It is the reason why I always ask my mom to sit down with me and watch some helpful resources from their Facebook Page. In this post, I asked my mom to evaluate the Lenovo EdVision Webinars that she attended, and she provided these takeaways:

Advantages of Attending Lenovo EdVision Webinars
Advantages of Attending Lenovo EdVision Webinars

1. It provides professional growth and development inside our home.

It contributed to Professional growth and development as teacher despite COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, there is no hassle from commuting back and forth, no registration fee and the replay makes it convenient. Teachers like me can benefit from it during their free time.

2. All the topics were well-explained, and the speaker used easy to understand words.

It is good to know that PPT can be upgraded even if you are not online. I can review more by using or viewing the replay again and again, I think it was designed for traditional teachers like me. I am used to take down notes.

3. The speaker knows his audience very well.

He was able to deliver his expertise to a traditional teacher like me by using easy to digest explanation. The technique and strategies used were effective. He gave not only theories and principles but also examples.

4. Some educators learn more by reading, listening and note taking.

This can easily be done by just attending Lenovo EdVision webinars.

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Advantages of Attending Lenovo EdVision Webinars

I am really glad that my mom is enjoying the Lenovo EdVision webinars as much as I do. I do hope that more teachers, especially those who are old, can adjust to the new normal with the help of this program.

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