Lenovo EdVision: Driving the Digital Transformation of Schools

Lenovo EdVision Program continues to help the teachers and students by driving the digital transformation of schools.  This program offers a complete set of innovative solutions that are tailored to the needs of students and teachers. Just this month, they had two free trainings: Digital Storytelling using Microsoft Way and Gamified Learning Experience using Minecraft.

Lenovo EdVision Driving the Digital Transformation of Schools

Digital Storytelling using Microsoft Sway

Gone are the days when teachers use physical books to share stories to students. In this era, educators can now use Microsoft Sway to tell a digital story. With the use of Microsoft Sway, teachers and students can now focus on creating content instead of the format.

Lenovo EdVision

If you want to have a short course on Digital Storytelling with Microsoft Sway, you way sign up using this link: https://education.microsoft.com/en-us/course/2b57129d/overview

Interested in Contests?

Lenovo in partnership with Microsoft is having a contest about Traveling Storybook. The contest started last December 15. They will accept entries until February 15 so you still have time to create a great content.

If you’re a student, you need to form a group with the maximum of four members. Note that you must be endorsed by an educator to join the contest. This is a contest where you can represent your school.

The winner will get a Technology Package worth 150,000 pesos. For the other nine entries, they will receive 5,000 worth of Sodexo Prizes.

Gamified Learning Experience using Minecraft: Education Edition

Minecraft is one of the popular video games among children today. In this game, players create and break apart various kinds of blocks in three-dimensional worlds.

Since most children are now into video games, educators developed game-based learning activities. It is a teaching method that balances educational materials with strategies, rules, and social aspects of playing a game.

The free webinar from Lenovo EdVision talks about the principles of Game-based learning and the different classroom conditions that will support game-based learning.

Lenovo EdVision

Lenovo EdVision has a lot of resources to prepare teachers and students to excel in the digitalized world. If you’re interested to be part of the program, follow their Facebook Page.

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  2. Wow bongga naman ng prize sa contest nila. Napakahelpful talaga ng lenovo. It makes learning more fun.

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