Lenovo EdVision Webinar: Microsoft Excel Tips for Teachers

Accessing the Lenovo EdVision Webinar is one of the perks of joining the Lenovo Edvision Program. Since I joined this program, I make sure to maximize it by attending the free webinars for teachers. In this post, I’ll share with you some of the things I’ve learned to increase my productivity when using Microsoft Excel.

Lenovo Edvision Webinar

What are the essential skills in using Microsoft Excel?

Learn the keyboard shortcuts and use tables in Excel.

Personally, I thought that all I need to know is how to copy, cut, paste, and save. I didn’t know that there are many more shortcuts that can save my time.

  • Save As = F12
  • Insert Row = Alt + I + R
  • Insert Column = Alt + I + C
  • Select Entire Row = Shift + Spacebar
  • Select Entire Column = Ctrl + Spacebar
  • Create a formatted Table = Ctrl + T

Format your Database

I learned how to format the date in the easiest way. Where was I all this time? Watching the webinar made me realize that teachers should not stop learning. If only teachers take time to attend webinars like this, they can really save a lot of time in organizing their online class records.

Lenovo Edvision Webinar

Apply Smart Technology Features

The Smart Technology features of Microsoft Excel is really perfect not only for teachers but also to people who make reports. It’s amazing how they generate various type of charts in just one click.

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They also uploaded the webinar on their Facebook Page. Watch the Lenovo Edvision Webinar below:

What are you waiting for? Join the Lenovo EdVision Program and avail more webinars that can help you to be more productive. You will never regret it.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this tips Ms. Karla . It’s very helpful especially for those teacher who use like you Ms. Karla . I will surely share this to others đź’—

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