Quipper and ELSA Speak work together to promote improved services for teachers and students

Quipper, the leading LMS platform collaborates with an AI-driven English-speaking coach to promote a better learning experience through its services.

Quipper and ELSA Speak

Quipper wishes to highlight the need to support the education sector in elevating the quality of education in the Philippines. They also aim to keep up with the changes during these trying times.

“In the last two years, we have been collaborating with educational institutions across the country to cater to the changing needs of our teachers. We knew that ed-tech tools and our Learning Management System (LMS) platform could help provide the materials they need to ensure that they provide the best learning environment for the different types of learners,”

Yusuke Takagi, CEO of Quipper Philippines

As part of this continuing mission, Quipper signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with ELSA Speak. ELSA Speak is an AI-driven English-speaking coach. It can serve as a guide for teachers in improving their English communication skills. This technology can also help educators offer students a competitive and improved learning environment.

“Quipper and ELSA Speak share the same goal of supporting educators in the Philippines. We believe that through this collaboration, we can help uplift the education sector as we both provide revolutionary yet user-friendly ed-tech tools and platforms. These two platforms also complement each other. With ELSA Speak, educators, including English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers, can now utilize this AI tool when preparing or delivering lessons and for speech labs, recitations, English activities, and more. Meanwhile, the English language lessons educators will learn on ELSA Speak can be applied to Quipper’s powerful technology-driven LMS,”

Yusuke Takagi, CEO of Quipper Philippines

Revolutionizing English language lessons

For ELSA Speak, communicating without barriers is why the platform exists. As a student leaving her home country to pursue her studies overseas, Co-founder Vu Van acknowledges how her speech hindered her from becoming the best she could be in a classroom. As time passed, she discovered she was not alone in this struggle. That’s why together with Dr. Xavier Anguera, a renowned speech technologist, they founded ELSA Speak to help struggling individuals who wanted to improve their English language skills.

“It is so important for students to learn English from a young age in order to maximize the benefits available to them in the future, such as in university and work. ELSA and Pearson have together produced a program for K-12 children which is enjoyable through gamification, whilst also being extremely accurate,”

Vu Van, Founder and CEO of ELSA Speak
Quipper ELSA

“To solidify the bridge between teachers and EdTech, ELSA is partnering with Quipper and demonstrating why it is so vital for schools to adopt this pairing. By incorporating AI into the curriculum, teachers can track children’s progress far closer and tailor their teaching accordingly. Together, ELSA and Quipper can transform the rapidly changing education space for the better,”

Vu Van, Founder and CEO of ELSA Speak

With ELSA Speak’s MOU with Quipper, both ed-tech platforms empower education by using the new technologies that the world has in today’s time.

To learn more about Quipper Philippines and its other programs and initiatives, visit https://www.quipper.com/ph/.

About Quipper?

Quipper Philippines is a leading global education technology company. It aims to bring the best education to every corner of the world. It aims to provide, improve, and distribute quality education, through technology, to create a world where every child is given an equal opportunity to learn and gain knowledge.

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