5 Reasons to Join the Lenovo EdVision Program

In our house, three of us are teachers: I, my mom, and my brother. In addition, we also have a younger sister who needs a laptop for her online classes. The smart use of technology in this new normal is really essential. It’s the reason why I’m really glad that I discovered Lenovo EdVision. In this post, I’m going to give you five reasons to use the Lenovo EdVision.

1. They provide webinar for teachers.

My mom is already in her 50’s. Although she has been a teacher for more than two decades, it’s her first time to be an online teacher this year. The webinars provided by Lenovo EdVision is really helpful for teachers who are transitioning from face-to-face teaching to online teaching.

Lenovo EdVision
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2. They offer exclusive discount on Lenovo Products to teachers and students.

Being a breadwinner, I often research about the best deals before buying things especially gadgets. At present, we only have three laptops at home. I’m thinking of buying a new one so that my sister won’t have to borrow gadgets from us alternately. It’s really hard when the schedule of our classes conflicts with her online classes. Thank God for discounts!

3. They have a Student Ambassador Program.

Besides being a teacher, I and my brother are also students too. We are currently finishing our master’s degree. In this student ambassador program, they provide leadership skills training which includes communication, presentation, and resource person for Lenovo product. Moreover, I like that they are open to students who are social media influencers.

Lenovo EdVision
Lenovo is in partnership with Microsoft

4. They have a Teacher Ambassador Program.

People who signed up for the teacher ambassador program get the chance to avail the literacy training. This includes remote learning, digital transformation and a resource person for digitization. In addition, they also have programs for soft skills workshop and curriculum build up. These limitless learning solutions are really helpful for me and my mom.

5. They provide technical update through newsletters.

I love receiving newsletters from Lenovo EdVision because they are very informative. It keeps me up to date with their latest promos. More than that, they also provide tips on how to maximize the Microsoft Education tools.

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Lenovo EdVision

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  1. Grabe, Lenovo is stepping up the game! It motivates not only the educators and students but also, other tech companies to come up with campaigns to support online learning. Love it!

  2. Wow this is awesome 😊 Ang dami nilang programs very interesting πŸ˜‰ I admire you ate ang galing Ng time management mo Po, may masteral ka pa Po pala πŸ™Œ

  3. ang dami nilamg programs. do you have to have lenovo laptops to join? anyway, napaka sulit ito para sa family mo. lalong lalo na sa mommy mo. i feel her. yung adviser ni coco senior na, im sure nahihirapan sya!

  4. Before I switched, Lenovo is one of my top choice brand in laptop kasi super tibay talaga to the point na may isang lenovo ako dati na sobrang tagal na at kahit uugod-ugod na yung laptop na yun, nasayangan parin ako nung ninakaw sa bahay. Kaya I would still really recommend Lenovo to those who are in tight budget but wants a laptop that is fast, easy to use, handy and talagang magtatagal! πŸ™‚

  5. Nako sana mas maaga ko to nakita and narecommend namin ito sa school namin. Yung online distance learning suite na gamit namin napakadaming bugs at probs hahahaha! Plus trusted na si microsoft for awesome productivity software and lenovo for productivity hardware, it’s like they married had a really awesome baby na very helpful and productive hahahaha! <3

  6. Ang nice nito! Sakto naghahanap si boyfriend ng bagong laptop para sa mama niyang teacher din. Irerecommend ko rin siya na sumali dito, same din sila ng mama mo. 1st time nila maging online teacher.

  7. Girl i still don’t know how you do everythjng. You’re so busy ah and ecen completing your master’s degree. Wow, super impressed!! I love lenovo laptops. Both my personal and work laptop is lenovo as well. Haha

  8. I love Lenovo! I always recommend Lenovo when it comes to laptops that’s why everyone at home has a Lenovo laptop for homeschool. Lenovo laptops are really reliable and sturdy as compared to other competitor brands. Now that Lenovo has this initiative. I’ll keep on supporting them and recommend Lenovo further to my teacher relatives.

  9. Ahhh so this is why I saw your Lenovo post. Ang daming need for laptops and other gadgets ngayon. Buti may mga free technical support and webinars. And salute to your family of teachers.

  10. I heard a lot of good feedbacks from my friends about Lenovo, very powerful and durable and product! very afforable din! I never used Lenovo in the pas but might consider buying it in the future.P:)

  11. I learn more about Lenovo through this blog. Actually we are planning to buy laptop which is lenovo brand. Maganda kasi talaga specs, subok na matibay at may budget friendly silang offer. Perfect for my online class. Konting ipon pa mabibili ko rin yung pinag-iipunan kooo! πŸ™β€

  12. Have a Good Day Ms. Karla πŸ’—This is so interesting ! I never use a laptop pa Ms. Karla , pero must recommend this , it looks a great brand of laptop πŸ’— Thank you for sharing this 5 REASONS TO USE LENOVO EdVision πŸ’— I will surely share this to othersπŸ’— What a beautiful blog of yours Ms. Ms. Karla πŸ’—πŸ˜

  13. This is so Awesome and great recommendation, Super Perfect ng mga Featured… and truly Trust and tested narin tlaga yang Lenovo, isa tlga sa pinagkakatiwalaang Unit πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• thanks for sharing this ate Karla. Have a great day ahead po πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ love this Blog Again..

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