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Are you planning to improve your house? Let’s start with the dining room. Here’s the Ultimate Dining Room Checklist!

The dining room is a place of gathering for family and friends or a place of peaceful solitude. Whichever the reason, we all come here for one reason: to satisfy our appetite. But it isn’t just a part of your home to fulfill your hunger. It’s also the place to realize your desire for a perfect home. Hence, AllHome recommend these items that will brighten up your dining room into a place that’s just as satisfying as your favorite meal.

1. Dining set

Of course, a dining room isn’t one without chairs and tables for people to gather around. Yet, it can be hard to find the right dining set for you from the multiple options to choose from. Factors to consider include table size, family size, material, and personal preference. 

Ultimate Dining Room Checklist
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Two trendy types of dining sets come into mind: marble and wooden. Each of them possesses its own pros and cons, such as fragility, cost, and weight.

2. Table Linen

A mere dining table isn’t exactly the most vibrant and creative of choices. Spice things up with a bit of palette through sleek and delicate table linen.

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Not only is buying one a more cost-effective alternative to getting an entirely new table, but they also come with a variety of colors and shapes to experiment in your dining space. That said, be sure to get it cleaned on a regular basis, especially when it starts to collect stains.

3. Serveware and Food Container

When you are serving for the family or friends, expect to go big on those servings. When a simple plate isn’t enough to carry the meal at hand, you will definitely be needing serveware and food containers. 

Ultimate Dining Room Checklist
Photo by Sarah Chai

They are typically made of either plastic or glass, so it’s important to distinguish when to use them best. Plastic containers are most suitable to carry around when going out. Glass containers are best used for keeping leftovers and frozen foods.

4. Plate Coaster

It should not come as a surprise that with any meal you’ll be cooking, you’ll be serving it hot from the stove. And, it’s not a good idea to immediately place a hot pot on a plastic placemat that could get damaged from the heat. For this, you will need a plate coaster, made out of cork to insulate the heat and designed with a little bit of home in mind.

Photo by George Milton from Pexels

5. Centerpiece

Even without breakfast, lunch, or dinner in place, your dining table still needs to make a great impression on those who see it.

Ultimate Dining Room Checklist
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This is why your dining table needs a visually pleasing centerpiece. Take a vase as an example. Design can either be as simplistic or as avant-garde as you like. Even adding a flower or two wouldn’t hurt. Then, if you wish to turn the place into a romantic setting, candles lit in the dark can really set the mood.

6. Cutlery

Spoons and forks are essential to consuming food, but in a dining room set, it can also be a display of elegance and refinement.

Ultimate Dining Room Checklist
Photo by Tara Winstead

Embodying such qualities is the classic silver, stainless steel cutlery, unblemished in appearance and easy to clean. However, if possible, you could elevate them to opulence with a gold-colored set, perfect to recreate that fine dining experience at home.

7. Glasses

Whether it is for a banquet or just a drink of water, a drinking glass should never be discounted in setting up your dining space. For simple, routine meals, most people opt for crystal clear, cylinder-shaped glass cups. But, for special occasions (i.e. birthdays and New Year’s), it’s best to keep and prepare wine glasses for the champagne. 

Photo by Teejay from Pexels

In fact, did you know that various forms of wine glasses actually differ in purpose? For instance, while they may look similar in appearance, specific types usually cater best to red wines, white wines, bubbly champagnes, and cocktails. You can tell through the size of their bowls.

8. Plates

And, now we have reached the most essential part of a dinner set-up: the plates, coming in all shapes and forms to serve our food big and small.

Ultimate Dining Room Checklist
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Most commonly, families would be using ceramic types, with aesthetics ranging from plain & simple to artsy & decorative. Whichever style you choose, we recommend that you pick the one that best reflects you and your home.

9. Placemats

You will also be needed a place to set your plates and cutlery in style. Placemats can do more than just that; they can also accentuate the chosen design theme of your dining room.

Ultimate Dining Room Checklist
Photo by Rachel Claire

If you’re going for a natural, Earth-like look, try going for light green or brown-colored weave mats. For a more Filipino look, try opting for gold-lined placemats made out of Capiz shells. You could even switch the design depending on the time of year, such as Christmas, Summer, and more! 

10. Sideboards and cabinets

After consuming all that food with the company, now comes the time to clean and pack things up. And, when you have a handful of plates, cups, and cutlery to store after washing, it’s a good idea to have a sideboard and cabinet attached to the room’s walls.

Photo by Mark McCammon

While the size may vary with how much you need to keep, the best placement for them should be in close proximity to the table. This way, it would be much easier to prepare the dining area for your next meal.


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