Cafe Amaina: Hidden Gem in Amadeo

Cafe Amaina finally opened its humble doors to people who love coffee. The people in Amadeo can now enjoy their manually brewed coffee while enjoying the fresh air. They aim to give a comfortable place to customers where they can relax and just enjoy the moment.


#CafeAmaina just opened at Amadeo, Cavite! They serve hand drip coffee and delicious snacks! You can bring your pets here! ?? Visit their Facebook Page for more details. #Amadeo #AmadeoCavite #TravelwithKarlainAmadeo #TravelwithKarlainCavite

? Morning Coffee – Chevy & Nalba

Cafe Amaina also adopted the slow bar concept which only uses manual brewing methods for their coffee. They manually brew their customers’ coffee directly on their table for Kape ni Ama to give them this new experience while also having a chance to personally connect with them.

Cafe Amaina

The Story Behind Cafe Amaina

Cafe Amaina is a family project meant to give tribute to Baking and Agatona Batino to keep their memories alive. Baking and Agatona raised their family through coffee farming at Amadeo, Cavite. Amaina is from “ama” and “ina”, which is how their children and grandchildren refer to them. It is meant to be a place where people can gather comfortably, relax and enjoy good coffee and food – like how it used to be at Baking and Agatona’s house for their children and grandchildren.

Cafe Amaina
They have different board games for customers to enjoy.
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The drinks were developed jointly by the grandkids of Baking and Agatona. There are food items that were developed by the grandkids with special guidance from their parents in incorporating traditional family recipes.

What To Try

1. Kape ni Ina

Kape ni Ina is a sweet and creamy coffee with a hint of caramel and hazelnut. It can be served hot or cold.

Cafe Amaina

2. Kape ni Ama

Kape ni Ama is a brewed coffee. The unique part here is that the customer decides on the manual brewing method. Customers can choose from a variety of carefully selected coffee beans from different localities in the Philippines, including Amadeo.

Cafe Amaina

3. Special Turon with Coffee Dip

The Special Turon tastes like home except that they gave it a twist. Their coffee dip makes it even more special.

Cafe Amaina

4. Churros

This is one of the best churros I’ve tried! I love that it’s crispy and definitely not oily.

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Cafe Amaina is located at Sitio Matagbak, Brgy. Talon, Amadeo, Cavite, Amadeo. They are a few minutes away from Tagaytay. Interested customers can now search Cafe Amaina on Google maps and get directions to the cafe. They are open from Wednesday to Monday: 10 am – 9 pm.

You may follow them on Facebook (Cafe Amaina), IG (@cafeamaina), and Tiktok (@cafeamaina) to get updates regarding their promos.

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As of now, everything on their menu is currently on soft opening promo prices to let everyone enjoy the taste of their food and drinks at a more affordable price. You have to visit them now!

I would say their place is perfect for an intimate event. Currently, they don’t have packages for private events but they are open to having discussions with interested customers.

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  1. Maganda mag coffee dito kasama ang pamilya or mga kaibigan. Nagustuhan ko iyong manual brewing sa table mismo ng customer. For me, magandang experience iyon na makikita mo mismo iyong process ng paggawa ng iyong coffee.

  2. Wow this is a Very nice and cozy Cafe, ang welcoming lang ng place. I would probably say that this coffee shop is a must for coffee lovers!

  3. I love the story behind the name of their cafe. Knowing that it is a tribute to someone gives me a feeling that this cafe and their coffee smells family. I also love the style of their cafe. Must visit in Cavite talaga.

    1. Wow this is a Very nice and cozy Cafe, ang welcoming lang ng place. I would probably say that this coffee shop is a must for coffee lovers!

  4. Woww ang Ganda dito at napakarelaxing na lugar
    Sarap ng turon perfect paired with coffee ☕
    Ganda din tumambay dito at for sure,kay sarap babalik balikan?❤️

  5. Ang galing ng name ng cafe na ito , Ama and ina ? gusto ko ung ambiance ng place chill chill lang habang nagkakape ❤️ must visit! ?

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