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George Optical

George Optical, the premiere eye care provider in the Philippines, is now giving FREE EyeCare 360 for everyone. That’s right! George Optical makes sure that you are seeing your best. I recently went to one of their branches to have my eyes checked. Here’s what happened during the appointment:

EYECARE360 Eye Check Up

They EyeCare 360 includes Refraction, Opthalmoscopy, Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy, Dry Eyes Assessment, and Color Vision Assessment.

Refraction Eye Test and Ophthalmoscopy

Their Refraction Test is very convenient. Unlike other eye clinics where you have to try a lot of eyeglasses, George Optical has this eye refraction test machine where they conveniently change the lenses to get the right prescription.

Opthalmoscopy, also known as Fundoscopy, is an examination of the back part of the eye. This includes the retina, optic disc, choroid, and blood vessels. I love how George takes eye check ups seriously. They do not stop at just selling pretty eyeglasses. They go an extra mile to check if there are any problems in your eyes.

George Optical
Refraction Eye Test and Ophthalmoscopy

Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy

The Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy checks the external health of eyes. This allows the doctor to microscopically examine your eyes for any abnormalities or problems. This test can diagnose conditions like macular degeneration, detached retina, cataracts, injury to cornea, and even the blockages of retinal vessel.

George Optical

Dry Eyes Assessment

Prior the Dry Eyes Assessment, the doctor asked me some questions about my lifestyle. She asked me if I drive. She even asked me how much time I spend in front of the screen. Apparently, dry eyes could result from staring at the screen for too long without resting your eyes. After the test, I figured that I have dry eyes. The good thing is that they have eye drops to keep our eyes well-hydrated.

Color Vision Assessment

Lastly, I tried the Color Vision Assessment. I remember taking this test during my medical checkup for enrollment. It’s fun because you’ll be asked to identify shapes and numbers hidden on abstract pictures. Early detection of color deficiency is vital as learning materials rely heavily on color perception and coding. That is why the American Optometric Association recommends that all children should undergo comprehensive optometric examination before they begin school.

George Optical

How to Schedule a Store Visit?

  1. Visit their website:
  2. Click Schedule A Store Visit.
  3. Fill out the form with your name, contact details, preferred date/time and branch.

If you’re still not comfortable to go out, you may also sign up for an online consultation with their licensed optometrist.

Thoughts about their services:

In this pandemic, it’s really important for me to follow the health safety protocols. I’m glad that they adhere to that. Instead of asking people to write their names manually, they provide QR code so people can safely sign up for contact tracing. In addition, the staff also checks the temperature of clients before allowing them to enter the shop. I’m glad that the staff wears face mask and face shield when entertaining the customers.

In addition, I’d like to commend their very knowledgeable staff. All my questions are answered well. I actually learned more about the latest trends in eye care and eyeglasses. The doctor is also kind to explain all the tests needed for the eye check up.

You know what’s the best part? Customers no longer need to go back to the shop because you can have it delivered at your doorsteps. They even offer free shipping for purchases more than 1,990 pesos! In addition, you may also get a free pair of Anti-Glare lenses on every frame purchase.

If you’re looking for an ultimate eye care experience without breaking the bank, I totally recommend George Optical. Besides the fashionable frames, they also offer a complete Eye Care package done by the experts.

Karla, Travel with Karla

Check out the things I got from George Optical:

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  1. That was Realy Nice Experience and Really Nice Service Opportunity from Us, Super Generous To Give this Free Eyecare 360, surely Daming Matutuwan at gstong MaExperience to, lalo na for all the People who really want To Have An Eye Glasses, ang Daming Pwedeng Pagpilian na mga Design and Style, talagang makakapili ka ng gsto Mo, At sasakto sa Grado ng iyong Mata … surely Must visit this and Worth to Share…

  2. I really need this
    After an eye check up ,few years ago,badly needed this again … This time looking forward to try it. How amazing it was to have a good place to have everything in it .New technology and services that was really nice.

  3. dapat talaga once in a while ano, mapapacheck natin yung eyes natin. di natin alam baka me something na, alam ko yung paglalabo can cause some migraines din diba.. its great na there is such as George Optical that can give free assessments and their products seem affordable naman!

  4. Oh I like this! It’s not just a simple check up it’s already a complete check up and test for the eye. I would love to try this too so I can get the right lenses and of course I also want to know the health status of my eye.

  5. I think this is a super nice thing for them. It will encourage more people to have their eyes checked since most people tend to be scared not just of knowing whatever the result will be but also for the price of the check up. With this, they can at least know of the problems at first and can still prepare if ever.

  6. I think it’s awesome that George Optical offers FREE EyeCare 360 for everyone – I’ve recently accompanied by brother to an optical clinic have his eyes checked – had to actually go there. I wish I’ve seen this prior as I would most likely have him try George Optical. I’m glad that establishments are slowly opting to have their services accessible online.

  7. We desperately need to see eye doctors to upgrade/downgrade our lenses. Checked the site and Ayala branches are the closest to us. I wonder if kids can go.

  8. I’m due for an eye check up soon! I keep on forgetting about it though so thanks to your post, I’m reminded of it. I’ll try George Optical if they have a branch nearby.

  9. Oh this is cool! I’m very intrigued about the Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy because it can detect various eye abnormalities which is not common in some optical shops. Will definitely check this.

  10. I’m impressed with George Optical. They are very updated with the tools they use for assessment. I like that their staff are well knowledgeable and they have strict adherence to health protocols.
    Being technically blind with 3.50 grade, I wanna try George Optical. It’s is very convenient that they have delivery service and even free shipping.
    Highly recommended 💯

  11. I am so thrilled to know that George Optical is offering such professional service for free! plus, may freebie lenses pa when you purchase any frame of your choice when you spend a certain amount. To me, this is a great deal!

    I would certainly pay them a visit when i go to the mall.

  12. I already read this blog, Si George Optical, ang premiere eye care provider sa Pilipinas, so nice naman po dahil nagbibigay sila ng FREE EyeCare 360 ​​para sa lahat. Napaka helpful po talaga nito para sa ating lahat . Pwedeng pwede talaga natin ipackeck up ang mga mata natin na Libre lang .. Thankyou for sharing this po ms karla..

  13. Wow, I am so impress about how they assess their clients for the eye exam. Very detailed with high tech gadgets and devices. I will highly recommend this place to all my friends in the Philippines. It looks like a good optical to try!

  14. Done reading this blog ms karla. So nice naman po ng George Optical dahil they give free eyecare pwedeng pwede ka magpacheck up and libre pa sya and talagang malalaman mo if may prob ka sa mata dahil kasama na sa free eyecare ang check up for Refraction, Opthalmoscopy, Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy, Dry Eyes Assessment, and Color Vision Assessment. May free pair of Anti-Glare lenses on every frame purchase. Kaya talagang sulit na sulit 🥰❤️

  15. Good to know that George Optical is now giving free EyeCare 360 for everyone because eyes are considered to be one of the most important senses. Despite this, taking good care of our eyes is often ignored, resulting in many people losing their sight and needing glasses like me. Plus, they also have good quality eye glasses that is worth to buy since they offer free shipping.

    1. I’m amazed how generous George Optical is for giving free EyeCare 360. George Optical is really amazing because they has this eye refraction test machine where they conveniently change the lenses to get the right prescription. Another interesting thing about this is that customers no longer need to go back to the shop because they can have it delivered at their doorsteps. Many people will be glad and be benefited by it.

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