Changhonmin Food House: Unlimited Samgyupsal and Lechon

Changhonmin Food House is one of the restaurants you should visit when you go to Amadeo. This Korean restaurant offers Unlimited Samgyupsal and Lechon.

6 Reasons to Visit Changhonmin Food House

1. They offer different kinds of meat.

You may order different types of chicken, pork, and beef. Among these, I like the pork roll and the smoked pork!

Changhonmin Food House

This is how they prepare the smoked pork inside the jar:

Photo from Unlimited Lechon with Samgyupsal Jar by Changhonmin Food House FB Page

The best part is that you can order the unlimited Lechon belly for as low as 599 pesos per head.

Changhonmin Food House
Photo from All About Cavite

2. They have Korean and Filipino side dishes.

Korean side dishes include kimchi, japchae, pajeon, seasoned spinach, and fish cake. They also serve a Filipino delicacy called Dinakdakan as a side dish.

3. They serve Korean noodles.

You can finally try the noodles they eat at Korean Dramas! Ramyeon and Jjajangmyeon are also available here.

4. They have free ice cream.

While other Korean restaurants only offer Melona Ice Cream, they actually provide more variety of Korean Ice Cream.

Changhonmin Food House
Photo from All About Cavite

5. The employees are very attentive and helpful.

Every area has an assigned employee. They are easy to call whenever we want to have a refill.

Chanhonmin Food House

6. They have a cozy place.

Most of their exterior and interior are made of wood.

Photo from All About Cavite

There’s a small hut for every group.

Photo from All About Cavite

There are also private cubicles inside.

Photo from All About Cavite

If you’re with a big group, you may also request to be seated at the long table inside.

Photo from All About Cavite


Changhonmin Food House
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They are located at 2936 Pulunan Road, Barangay Dagatan, Amadeo City. They are open from 11 AM to 8 PM. For more details, you may follow them on their social media accounts:

Watch this TikTok Video from All About Cavite:


Unlimited Lechon+Samgyupsal Jar by Changhonmin Foodhouse, Amadeo, Cavite #AllAboutCavite #phoodtour

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  1. Ang ganda naman po diyan and ang ganda ng ambiance ? Ang cute nung parang kubo po.Their food looks delicious, maeenjoy talaga ang pagstay ♥️

  2. Grabe nakakatakam ang foods nila, kakagutom tuloy.
    I love the cuisine they offered, suitable sa trends natin ngayon. As well as the ambience, ganda ng place nila Ms. Karla. Hope na makarating din dyan soon. ???

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