Julian’s Island Lodge: Rent a Private Island in Cavinti

Julian’s Island Lodge will definitely fulfill your dream of living in a private island. In here, you can experience a private paradise without breaking the bank. Unlike other accommodations in Cavinti, Julian’s Island Lodge will give an island experience without sacrificing your comfort. It’s a house complete with all the furniture that you need.

Julian's Island Lodge
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Julian’s Island Lodge can accommodate up to 10 people. It has three bedrooms with a queen size bed and an attic that can accommodate four people.

Julian's Island Lodge
  • Perks of staying on the first floor: You’ll get privacy. The windows are smaller compared to the rooms upstairs.
  • Cons: You can hear the foot steps from the stairs to the living area on the second floor.
Julian's Island Lodge
  • Pros of staying on the second floor: The masters bedroom has a TV. Both rooms have balcony.
  • Cons: It tends to be really cold at night. (Well, I don’t think it’s negative tho haha)
Julian's Island Lodge
  • Pros of staying in the Attic: You’ll have more time to chat with your friends.
  • Cons: It’s challenging to climb the stairs. Assign this room for younger people hihi!
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The Island has three cottages: the main cottage, open cottage, and keeper’s cottage.

Main Cottage

Julian's Island Lodge
  • The ground floor includes the receiving are, one bedroom with double bed, fully-equipped kitchen, dining area, bathroom and toilet.
  • The second floor has two bedrooms, a living room, and two balconies.
  • The attic has four beds.

Open Cottage

If you really want to feel the cold breeze while eating, you can use the open cottage. By the way, there’s a fireplace near the gazebo. You can have a bonfire if it’s not raining.

Julian's Island Lodge


One of the activities people can experience on the lake is Kayaking. There are two kayaks available. You just need to pay additional 600 pesos and you can use it for the entire stay.

Julian's Island Lodge
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How to go there:

  • If you’re using waze, just type “Bloc Campsite Laguna”. On your way there, you’ll see some signs on how to go to Julian’s Island Lodge.
  • Don’t worry about leaving your car on the other island. They have a secured parking.
  • Since it’s located in an island, you have to take a boat to go there.

How to Book:

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  • Bring your own food. They have a refrigerator, you don’t have to worry about food being spoiled.
  • The only food available in the island is the fresh tilapia. You should also try them too.
  • You may hire Sammy and his wife (caretakers) to cook for you. Just notify them in advance. Make sure to bring all the necessary ingredients. (Contact Number: 09466242801)
  • There’s no WiFi in the accommodation. The Globe signal is not good. If you want to access the internet, you can bring your Smart LTE pocket WiFi.
  • Bring a jacket or long sleeves. It feels like 15 to 18 degrees there.
  • Toiletries are not provided. Bring your own towels and personal care kit.

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  1. Wow. We’ve been to cavinti november last year. The place where you’re staying looks identical to where we had stayed. Panoramic yung view. Been yearning to go back

  2. Staying in an island is definitely one for the books! I’d like to experience that, too, when the pandemic is over. As for the food, I’m fine with tilapia, will just bring lots of veggies to pair with it.

  3. Grabe ang ganda talaga dito ms karla ang ganda din ng review nang bago mong blog very nice and unique lahat napakalinis talaga nakakarelax pumunta diyan ? at very worth it ❤

  4. This is such a nice place lalo na affordable rin ‘yung rate nya. I think people should really try to visit places like this to relax and unplugged. That way they can recharge while enjoying the environment. Pwede mag swim sa lake?

  5. swimmable ba yung lake. natatakot ako iba na iimagine ko hahaha pero ang saya ive never gone to a place like this. afforable din yung accomodation ha. will share this to my sis para makapag pasyal naman kami!

  6. Yay, this place looks awesome! Perfect for a weekend city escape, kahit solo pwede rin. Looks very peaceful, and the waters looks impressive.

  7. Ganda naman pala jan sa Julian’s Island Lodge pwede din bonding with barkada mas tipid pa.Sarap mag unwind sa ganyan place. Gusto ko ma experience yung kayaking?.Great blog Ms.Karla kompleto na lahat ng details.

  8. wow like q dn tlaga puntahan ung ganitong klase ng resort, lakas maka goodvibes ng paligid, sobrang tahimik pa, kaya sure na maeenjoy at makakapag relax ka tlaga dito ng sobra sobra 🙂

  9. Wow ang ganda nman po dito ms.karla tlgang highly recommended siya at hindi siya malayo napaka dali lang puntahan . Ang gaganda ng cottage nila ? ung room nila malinis . Gusto matry ung kayaking nila ? mukang nkaka.enjoy tlga ?❤️

  10. Wow dito pala sa Julian’s Island Lodge yung pinuntahan nyo ng kapwa bloggers nyo po, I first saw some on your IG stories. I like your blog, it’s informative. I love that you put everything in details even the cons and pros of each floor, tips, directions how to get there. This place is awesome, relaxing with a touch of nature and you can do kayaking as well. A nice place to unwind ?

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