A Glimpse of Hotel Sogo: Yay or Nay?

Hotel Sogo is one of the leading hotels in the Philippines. In fact, it has 41 branches nationwide. One of the common misconceptions about Hotel Sogo is that they are meant for couples only. They are actually a family-oriented hotel. In addition to this, they have a corporate social responsibility program. Sogo Cares has donation and relief operations, Doctor on Wheels, and Adopt A Family program to name a few.

Since it’s still not safe to go and have a get together in public, I’ve decided to have a break and unwind with friends at Hotel Sogo instead. In here, I’m sure that the beds are clean and sanitized.

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Since there are six of us, we stayed in the Regency room. It features 1 queen size bed, 1 single bed, LED TV with cable/in-house movies, and air-conditioning.

It also comes with wall and ceiling mirrors, dining table, hot and cold bath, and even a bathtub.

I love that their bathroom is clean and sanitized.

The room has toiletries like shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a comb. They call it Personal Care Kit or PCK. It also has rubber slippers.

SOGO Personal Care Kit
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In Hotel Sogo, you don’t need to go out to eat. You can avail their room service. We are actually surprised about the taste of their food. The Pancit, Shrimp Sinigang, Fried Chicken, Roasted chicken, and Chopsuey really tastes great. The halo-halo and leche flan are also great. It’s a 5/5 for me. I’d go to Hotel Sogo just for their food!

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Upon arriving, we were asked to fill out some forms for the heath protocol. The staff wanted to escort us until we arrive to our room but they didn’t go with us in the elevator. It’s actually nice to know that they are following their rules strictly. Only four people are allowed to be in the elevator.

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A Glimpse to Hotel Sogo: Yay or Nay?

I’ve been to many hotels so I can say that I can be a good judge if it’s good or not. Our Hotel Sogo bonding is definitely a YAY for me! I love that it lives up to their tag line – So Clean, So Good! I felt comfortable during my stay. The bedding smells clean. The bathroom is also spotless. In addition, the food is above average. It tastes better than other Filipino restaurants we tried. I definitely recommend their food menu. Lastly, it’s one of the most affordable places I’ve been. It’s great to know that people can relax without breaking the bank!

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  1. With their pricing and availability, I already think that it is perfect for families. I remember whenever we’d have blackout in out area, our neighbor would check in on the nearest Hotel Sogo since they have generators. Hehe!

  2. Commenting here again: So, ayun na nga, since this is also good for families also, we should change the notion of motels… Motorist hotel kasi talaga… Kung bakit ba iba sa Pinas.

  3. It’s great na they’re still doing business despite the pandemic. I’ve heard of huge hotels shutting down so it means biz for HS is still flourishing. I like their new designs now. Haven’t tried eating in Sogo though kasi I find it expensive so kapag andun kami ni hubs, tamang chill lang. ?

  4. I’m one of those people na kapag narinig SOGO iba ang nasa isip hehe. Nagbago pananaw ko because of this article! I admire din their social responsibility, kuddos sa management!

  5. I’m one of those who had a misconception of this hotel! Good thing you shed the light through this post and shared how beautiful it is inside naman pala! Nice budget hotel for friends and family to hang out. 🙂

  6. Hotel SOGO is very convenient especially during may malakas na bagyo. It used to stayed at the nearest SOGO kapag masama ang panahon, and it is dope coz they got good wifi connection.

  7. I haven’t tried Hotel Sogo yet, but it seems like a really. nice place to stay at. Perhaps we should start looking into it once we can travel with the kids na. Sayang, kasi masarap sana magstay, kaso with the kids, pool is kinda necessary, kaya hindi muna kami magbook.

  8. Karamihan talaga pag narinig na sogo, for couples only talaga ang naisip. And I was one of those. I’m glad that I watched your vlog and read this blog so my mindset was corrected. Pwede pala sa family to at ang ganda pala ng sogo. Aside from that their foods are delicious, above average, and the service is superb. I also love that they have a corporate social responsibility program.

  9. Inallow ba 6 in a room? Or 2 rooms kayo na regency size? Alamo coco has always been curious about sogo kasi lagi nadadaanan diba. “Mommy hotel ba ang sogo bakit di tayo nagpupunta dun?” Diyos ko sa public pa nya sasabihin. Now i know na pwede pala family.

      1. Is this applicable na for regency pwede 3 pax? Or may other rooms pa na pwede ring 3 pax? Thank you in advance! ?

  10. When I see or hear about SOGO, one thing comes to mind. 😀 Good thing, you featured this here. You changed my perception, pwede din pala siya for staying with friends like this.

  11. We tried SOGO before (and for any purposes it is our personal decision, lol) but kidding aside, SOGO did have nice services, and good WIIFI. Best place to go when your town goes blackout.

  12. Isa din talaga to sa kilalang hotel dito sa Pilipinas pero agree ako Ms.Karla kahit ako din po ang alam ko lang for couples lang talaga to?Good to know na pwede din pala sya sa family and friends. highly recommended ang place nila kasi bukod sa affordable lang ang price malinis pa and well sanitized.Plus dami pa choices sa food kaya di kana mahihirapan mag isip kung kung ano pwede kainin.

  13. Ito Yung isa sa mga Hotel Dto sa Pinas talagang Dinadayo din at Mula Nuon hanggang ngaun patuloy na tinatangkilik, hindi lang sa mga mababait at maaSikasong Empleyado, Murang Halaga, kundi pati narin sa ganda ng Room nila, Even Pag pasok Mo plang ng Entrance kita mo na yung Linis at Ganda na talagang Babalik-balikan mo pa

  14. Yay ! Tlga sa sogo hotel . Kse super linis at comfy tlga ng room nila . Kompleto pa laaht . Ang kagandahan pa mababait din tlga ang mga staff nila dito ???

  15. Sarap naman po pla mag stay jan maganda at napaka linis po ng lugar plus masasarap na foods pa po ang ihahain nila, kaya hnd nakapagtataka na sikat po tlaga ung hotel na yan.

    Siyempre po kapag malinis at maayos ung pamamalakad ng isang hotel like sogo, sure na babalik balik po tlaga yan ng mga tao kaya para sakin ? recommended tlaga xa kumpara sa iba. 🙂

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