Get FREE Microsoft Trainings with Lenovo EdVision

Do you know that you can get FREE Microsoft Trainings with Lenovo Edvision?

That’s right! Money should not be an issue to improve your skills! You can truly unlock limitless learning with Lenovo EdVision. To give you an example, I recently attended one of their trainings on YouTube. In this blog, I’ll give you some tips I’ve learned from the training.

From Ideas to Presentation: Learn Design Tips with Microsoft PowerPoint

Tip 1: Use Quick Starter to draft an outline.

How to use Quick Starter? Simply click “New” and choose you desired topic. It’s hard to start with a blank slide. The quick starter will help you in creating a good outline. Pick your topic, then select your starter slides.

Tip 2: Change your default Black and White Template to Built-in Professional looked Templates

Avoid doing your PowerPoint Presentation with a blank slide. PowerPoint has a lot of templates to choose from so you won’t have to start from scratch. There are actually more templates online. This will make your presentations look more professional. It also saves time!

Tip 3: Change your bullet points to Diagrams using SmartArt

Instead of manually using shapes to create diagrams, you can use SmartArt for your visual information. You can even choose your preferred colors easily.

Tip 4: Use Design Ideas to make your slide better

This is the best tip ever. Using Design Ideas can help you save time in making a nice layout. Just click “Design Ideas” in the home tab. It will show you layouts that you can use for your slide.

Tip 5: Avoid plagiarism by using Stock Images

Clip Arts died many years ago. Now, we can use good quality photos using Stock Images. Just click the Insert Tab. Then, select Images. Click picture and then click the Stock Images. You don’t need to use any browsers to include a good picture in your presentation.

Tip 6: Choose the right color using Color Picker/ Eye Dropper

If you’re keen on color coordination, you can use the eye dropper. Click the text or shape. Then on the shape format, you may click the shape fill or outline. You will see a dropdown menu, then click the eyedropper. You can now choose the exact color you want to use.

Tip 7: Make your slides dynamic with 3D Models

Say good bye to flat images. To insert a 3D model, go to insert tab. Then, click 3D models. Select the category that is related to your topic.

Tip 8: Animate your 3D Models with Morph Transition

In adding transitions, just click the transitions tab. Then select the morph transition. There are so many transitions to choose from to make your presentation more dynamic.

Overall, there are three components of a successful presentation: content, visual design, and delivery.

Eufer Pasion, MCT, MCE. Operations Lead of Line Learning and Development Solutions

Interesting, right? What are you waiting for? Get FREE Microsoft Trainings with Lenovo EdVision!

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  1. wow these are useful tips po ms karla. i am glad that lenovo has free training which is really a big help in improving our skills. this is a nice way to spend our quarantine 🙂

  2. Wow thankyou for sharing this . Ang dami ng ideas na pwede nmin magamit . At my free training pa . Nkakatuwa tlga . Matututo kna tapos wala ka ng babayran ❤️

  3. This is very helpful po for me/us. This past few days po kasi need namin gumawa ng presentations. I like this kasi mas gaganda at mas maging presentable yung presentation na gagawin.

  4. wow ms karla super nice po neto 🥰😍 yes true agree po ako na money should not be an issue to improve your skills 🥰 talagang we need to find a way po to enhance our skills 😍😍 thanks for this we can get free microsoft trainings 🥰❤️ the best talaga 🥰❤️😍 done reading your blog po and ang dami ko pong nalaman 🥰❤️😍

  5. Daming tips and ideas mo Ms.Karla..Ang laking tulong po neto sa lahat Lalo na sa mga studyante and work from home na gumagamit ng computer..Good thing is may free trainings ang LENOVO EDVISION.

  6. Honestly po hindi ako ganon kagaling gumawa ng presentations, kaya buti na lang may ganitong free webinars na inooffrer ang Lenovo EdVision dahil ang laking tulong po lalo na ngayon halos lahat gumagamit na ng computer o laptop. Dagdag skills din po talaga. ❤️

  7. Wow dami mong tips Ms.Karla..malaking tulong to sa mga gustong mag register..The good thing is free lang..May ideas na kami Kung paano..Thanks for sharing this Ms.karla☺️

  8. Napaka useful nito lalo na ngayon most of us Microsoft ang gamit. Mapa online school or work from home. 😊

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