Pateco Doors Review: Yay or Nay?

Pateco Doors Review: If you’re planning to have a house in the near future, you might consider having Pateco doors. Read this to know more.

Living in a Nipa Hut

Our family moved to the province when my eldest sister was in second grade, in 1976 according to my mother.  I am the third child and have three siblings; and living in a nipa hut surrounded with many amazing plants (ornamental, vegetables, and assorted fruit trees), after we left Manila, brought so much joy to me when I was young.  Our village, now the smallest among the four villages/subdivisions in our barangay, inhabited with only few houses when we relocated.  The biggest was the vacation house of the village owner. The other one is owned by the family of the village’ caretaker. Next to our nipa hut was the house of my father’s first cousin, who have a quite huge family.

As the time passes by, I have witnessed all the different fruit trees in our village, including in our own place, were cut one by one. Houses sprouted and populated the whole village; no more play grounds, trees to climb, vegetables and fruits to harvest.  Even so, I have enjoy living in our nipa hut which was built with few steps of stairs. It has only one sleeping area (made of slated bamboo flooring) for the whole family and a small storage room for pillows, sleeping mats, and blankets.  Our doors and windows does not have locks, only wood levers to keep them closed.

One of the unforgettable moment which happened in our not so burglar-secured nipa hut is when we got up one morning and found out that we’re robbed. Our television is gone! It was very precious for us kids to have a television during that time and losing it was the saddest. However, we are still thankful that we are all safe when the robbery took place while we’re all asleep. 

Pateco Doors Review

Pateco Doors Review

During the construction of Mima’s Homey, I made sure that doors and windows are secured and selected the best door I have found in the market.  Some of our neighbors’ wooden doors are not user-friendly. They slam it hard to be able to close and lock it properly.  They are having a tug of war each time they open and close their wooden door.  Some needs trimming when it does not fit well anymore.  It has something to do with the quality of the wooden door and the climate.  During rainy season, humidity changes, and so the wooden door’s moisture.  With our Pateco doors, none of these happened.

The Pacific Timber Export Corporation (Pateco) doors are made of kiln dried solid lumber.  Pateco has different solid wooden panel board designs and they also customize.  They offer many kinds/types of doors (molded, flush, closet & cabinet). They also have wood-based products and components (air vents, door jambs, flooring/walling/ceiling, moulding, stairs, and dividers).  You have to ask Pateco for the specific door weight. If you plan to have a sliding door, it must be considered in the door railings’ capacity to be used to precisely support the wooden door.

At Mima’s Homey, our main/front door, back door, sliding doors at the dining area, three bed room doors, and four ceiling air vents are all Pateco’s.  They are still in perfect shape and condition since installed in 2005.  We have already repainted the doors, once, with the same color white but best would be lacquer paint for wood which was used in our kitchen cabinet doors.   Its gloss finish makes wooden doors easy to clean and stain proof compared to regular wood paint.  I highly recommend Pateco if you would like to have a secured, superb quality, perfect doors in your home or business establishments. 

About the Author:

Renell A. Dela Cruz – Pacrin is a development worker (support staff) for seventeen years who loves to cook and bake.  She earned a degree in Secretarial Administration and passed the NC II (National Certificate) in Bread and Pastry Production.  She dreamt to become an interior designer but was inspired during her internship to pursue a career indirectly helping the rural poor and farmers.  During her free time, she bakes cookies, cakes, and pastries, mostly for her lovely daughter’s packed snacks, family occasions, and sometimes made to order.  Currently self-employed, she focuses more on her spouse’ van rental business, home duties, exploring handicrafts, and taking care of the homey.

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  1. true po. may mga wood talaga na pag rainy seasons ang hirap buksan. hahah ganun po yung door namin pahirapan talaga sa pagbukas pag tag-ulan. i love that your door has good quality po. i guess we need to change our door na.

  2. Yay na yay ang Pateco doors. Kung para sa bahay talagang dapat maganda ang kalidad na materyales ang bibilhin para sa safety na din ng buong pamilya. ?

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