Lenovo EdVision: Tips in Buying a Laptop for Online Classes

Are you searching for tips in buying a laptop for online classes? Lenovo just recently developed a durable laptop that is suitable for 24/7 computing.

“The education experience of our students is our utmost priority. We are proud to provide the technologies that engineer smarter classrooms for our students. Through our close collaboration with Lenovo, who are experts in education technology, we aspire to continue being a major advocate of classrooms of the future.” –

Michael Ngan, President and General Manager, Lenovo Philippines

1. Choose a laptop with built in security.

There are so many cyber criminals out there that can steal your important data online. It is the reason why you need to invest on devices with a solid security. Some criminals can access your laptop camera without you knowing it.

Laptop for Online Classes

The good is is that the Lenovo Thinkbook powered by ThinkShield has a ThinkShutter Camera Cover. In addition, it also has an optional Smart Power Button with Fingerprint Reader. This means that only you can open your own laptop.

2. Select a laptop that is made with durable materials.

Accidents can happen anytime. Young learners tend to be clumsy at some times. According to a recent research, over 55% of device accidents are due to drops. Other times, some forgetful users close their laptops too tight without removing small objects on the keyboard. This can cause a permanent damage on the display.

Lenovo developed a laptop that features rubber bumpers, reinforced corners, hinges, and ports. They made sure that their monitors are scratch-resistant. In addition, they also developed spill-resistant keyboards with anchored keys that make removal difficult. If you’re clumsy like me, I totally recommend the Lenovo ThinkPad.

Laptop for Online Classes

3. Find a laptop with flexible performance.

One of the major reasons why students and teachers can’t keep up with online classes is the performance of their laptop. Some laptops are too slow. If you’re going to buy a laptop, make sure to check the hard drive capacity (must be at least 250 GB), RAM (4GB RAM or higher), and the processor (Intel Core i5 above). It is also vital to find a laptop that has Windows 10.

Laptop for Online Classes

Since Windows 7 support ended last January 2020, I totally recommend that you switch to Windows 10. You will really be amazed on how Microsoft Education delivers personalized learning for every student with the use of tools in Office 365. If you want more resources, you can even sign up for the Lenovo EdVision Program.

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  1. Lenovo is a good computer brand with proven good quality of hardware. Kahit sa mga corporate companies, lalo na for Juniors, Lenovo pinapagamit namin 🙂

  2. Thankyou so much po for making this article. Those tips you mentioned above is very helpful po.

  3. I really love lenovo’s durability. Their older thinkpads can actually still work today despite at a min of 3 to 5 years worth of usage. And I love how they have these quirky stuff like my Yogabook, which is like a first step to their now launched Thinkbook series which has this stylus and is as almost thin as my yogabook. Did you check that one out? 😀

  4. Thanks for sharing the tips. Lenovo din Ang brand ng laptop ko. Masasabi ko matagal talaga ang buhay.?

  5. Hindi talaga madedeny yung tibay ng Lenovo– the durability, flexibility and not to mention it’s affordable pa. I think it’s really great to those who are looking for laptops not just for online classes and even to those who are extending their works at home. Great tips, Karla! 🙂

  6. Thanks for the tips Ms. KARLA big help ito sa mga stuyante na talaga nmn naghahanap ng magandang klase ng laptop for their online class.

  7. Wow! This is very helpful tips to those who planning to buy a Lenovo EdVision laptop and this is highly recommend for online class. Thanks for sharing Ms. Karla ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Wow! This is very helpful tips to those who planning to buy a Lenovo EdVision laptop and this is highly recommend for online class. Thanks for sharing Ms. Karla ❤️❤️❤️

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