3 Indoor Activities During Winter

Winter is quickly approaching, and with it comes the threats of isolating away inside our warm homes without much to do.  If you want to stay inside this winter, but aren’t willing to give up fun, here are three activities anyone can do to brighten their days.

Indoor Activities During Winter
Indoor Activities During Winter

Take Up A Delicious Hobby

Cooking and baking are two of the most rewarding hobbies.  You can spend time learning and perfecting how to make something, and then, in the end, you get to eat something delicious!  

When learning how to bake, you need a couple of things beyond the usual measuring cups and pans.  For most baking recipes, you can benefit endlessly by buying an inexpensive kitchen scale.  These ensure you get the correct measurements on everything and give you the chance to measure out portion sizes correctly.  It’s also a great idea to buy a baking cookbook and try to work through a section you think you can handle in the winter.  This tool will give you a sense of physical accomplishment that’s harder to achieve from digital recipes and will allow you to keep your place so you can keep pushing on the following winter.

Dessert Draft Cake Shop (10)
Dessert Draft Cake Shop

Cooking can also be rewarding!  A cookbook is an excellent idea for this hobby, and so is buying a meat thermometer.  As satisfying as cooking can be, it’s even better when you don’t have to worry about eating raw chicken or salmon.  This style can be the healthier option of the two since you’ll be more capable of creating nourishing and exciting meals for yourself.

Reinvent Your Home

Let your house be your canvas, and create a space that makes your heart swell when you get to come home to it.  You don’t have to paint, since winter makes it harder to get the fumes out, but there are other ways to redo your walls!  Covering a wall with pop art can make it more interesting, so using contact paper that’s removable will let you clear off your wall when you’re ready to start again.  Move your furniture around and reorganize your home, so it looks nothing like it did before.  Don’t be shy about making massive changes; there’s nothing you can’t undo.

Learn Something New

A large part of what our minds miss in winter is the stimulation of constant information when we enjoy time outside.  Just because the winter traps you inside doesn’t mean you should give up your Halton real estate, though! 

Pick a new skill or hobby that you want to learn, and get to it!  Training your brain with further information can set you up for success by helping your mind form new pathways.  Make a schedule for yourself and an end goal to work towards achieving. Suppose you want to pick up wood carving, set aside half an hour to an hour, every day practicing carving.  Make a feasible goal, like carving out a mini figure of your cat by the end of two months.  The education will feel rewarding, and the schedule will help you look forward to something every day.

Indoor Activities During Winter
Indoor Activities During Winter

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  1. Thanks for these ideas Ms. Karla, learning new things is a great way to know yourself more. Like me, lately ko lang nalaman na kaya ko pala magplay ng instrument kung hindi ko pa sinubukan. And also doing some designs lalo na sa room, nakakarelax lang after. ❤

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