Rens Tuzon: The Coffee Painter

Rens Tuzon: The Coffee Painter

Typical children’s birthday parties have clowns doing magic tricks, performers singing and dancing, and children playing games. It’s been a while since I attended a kiddie birthday party and I got surprised that the party I attended last week has a unique activity. They invited an international artist to teach children to make an artwork.

As a collector of portraits, I instantly became a fan of his artworks so I didn’t miss the chance to interview him. I even requested a coffee portrait for myself.

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Rens Tuzon’s artworks showcased in Paris, France

Rens Tuzon is a coffee painter based in Philippines. His artworks feature coffee portraits of famous celebrities and pop culture. Currently, he is sharing his talent in a series of Coffee Art Painting Workshops in different coffee shops around the Philippines.

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Path to Coffee Painting

“The pathway in my Coffee Art Painting is just doing well and very fine in terms of appreciation and awareness.”

Rens Tuzon earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising from the Far Eastern University. He worked as a graphic artist in a publication. In addition, he was able to showcase his artworks in many Asian countries.

His success in his field didn’t hinder him to think of ways on how to develop his skills. As an artist, he had a struggle in trying to be known and in pleasing everyone. He found himself in the genre of coffee art painting in just a year of innovating in the visual arts. He thinks that coffee is the most convenient medium to use.

In the future, he sees the coffee art painting as blessed and successful. He shares his success with the woman who supports and gives him encouragement.

“We all need happy ending, most probably, I want the future hold happiness, serenity blessed with full of love and compassion.”

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Traveling as an Artist

“As a traveling artist, adventure and risk taking as well as curiousness always takes place and in front, making every travel a very memorable and exciting, but of course with always a respect in our environment and every culture that comes along the way.”

His dream destination would be a paradise with a quiet and serene ambiance. Also, he wants to take the woman he loves in a beautiful and peaceful island filled with love and compassion.


“The paintings of Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Salvador Dali inspires me a lot and been inspiring me for more than 25 years now in my fruitful profession as visual artist. They influenced my craft as very well seen in Impressionism, Cubism as well as Surrealism.”

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Message for Aspiring Artists

“The best advice I can give to the young and aspiring artists is to stay being CREATIVE and HUMBLE, always INNOVATE self and be PASSIONATE as always.”

He believes that his greatest achievement in life is successfully showcasing his coffee artworks in every place he’s been. He likes sharing them with every people he meet. It makes his craft creatively wonderful.

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I’m extremely honored to be one of the models of the award winning coffee painter, Mr. Rens Tuzon. Check out this painting below. Yup! That’s me wearing a hanbok!

Rens Tuzon The Coffee Painter.jpg

Mr. Rens Tuzon is currently offering some Coffee Art Painting Workshops in various coffee shops like Cafe Morga in Daet, Camarines Norte. Next month (September), he’s going to hold another coffee art workshop in Manila, at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Bonifacio Global in Taguig City, Metro Manila.

For more details you may contact him in his social media accounts:

Facebook | Instagram| Twitter | Tumblr

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  1. That’s so cool. It makes sense though, things that we see as culinary mediums (coffee, tea, spices) have often been used as dye throughout periods of history. His work is beautiful regardless of material. And hopefully he’ll inspire some young artists who are also looking to think outside the box 🙂

  2. Wow, I think I saw that painting of Yoda on Instagram before and was wondering who painted it! His work is so beautiful and he has managed to use such a creative medium to achieve this! Can’t wait to see what you had painted!

  3. Ok, so wait – I’ve never heard of coffee art painting. Does this mean he paints using coffee as his medium? How interesting! and the works are so realistic. I’m curious though, what did you request for YOUR coffee art painting?

  4. He is so talented, Karla. So nice of you to feature him. I hope he gets a looong, loong way more.

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