Almost There Art Exhibit

Almost There Art Exhibit by Kristine Soguilon – Lim will be open to public on October 2-15, 2020, at the Manila Hotel. The second location is at Diamond Hotel on October 16-23, 2020. During this event, there will be a free anti-gen swab test to ensure everyone is safe.

About The Artist

Almost There Art Exhibit
Being able to draw before learning how to write foretold what Kristine was born for.

Kristine Soguilon – Lim graduated Cum Laude from the UP College of Fine Arts with a major in Visual Communications. She is a multi-disciplinary artist. She’s into painting, drawing, graphic design, film, digital photography and digital art. Over the years she has come to understand what visual art means for her. Art is not to be viewed solely with the eyes but more so with one’s own heart, mind and point of view.

She believes that her God given skill is a way to relay something beyond what she wants to convey. This is where stories goes past all known words and lexis. 

Now a wife to Jasper and a mom to Justine, John(+) and Judah, Kristine continues to create art in obedience to calls for her at specific moments and circumstances. And as what she will always say: “It’s not about what I want to let you know but rather what you, on your own, need to realize, feel and discover.”

Almost There Art Exhibit

After years of being apart from the art scene, Kristine Lim is back to make a statement and push for action.

Almost There Art Exhibit

This 2020,  Kristine immortalizes some of the critically endangered species in the Philippines as heart stirring yet thought provoking mnemonics of who we are. This is where we stand and what we are going through.

The state of being endangered unlocks the beginning of the end but it is also our light of hope; it is not yet too late. We are here to reflect, change and act. Perhaps this is the moment why we have been created. We are here because we must and we can turn things around.

The artist prays that years from now these same images will be seen by the same eyes that it captivated today. People can say, “We survived and we thrived”.


Almost There Art Exhibit

Through the missions of JKL Foundation Inc, the frontlines of this battle and the displaced workers due to the pandemic will receive the proceeds from the paintings and the actual Aesca products (where the artworks will be translated and reproduced).

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  1. Really cool exhibit! You can also check out this service for you to even promote and enhance your works!

  2. Wow! so amazing and talented person very inspiring art work to everyone i truely love this content. 😊

  3. Wow! The snippets of the artworks are amazing!!!! This art exhibit is truly promising! I hope someone in my family can attend it despite the quarantine

  4. Wow THIS IS SO AMAZING, She is The One Na Hinahangaan ko rin tlaga pag dating sa pagging Creative at Talented sa mga Art workss sobrang gaganda at meaningful ang guhit ng kanyang mga kamay, Sobrang sarap sa mata., at patuloy na tinatangkilik tlaga… thanks for sharing this ate Karla.. Namis ko mga Guhit Niya

  5. This is so wow ! She really have a talent ! I’m so happy for her 👏🏻 I really love her content/subject , and yes this art work encourage people that , it is not yet too late 💗 Thank you for sharing this Ms. Karla 💗 Such a beautiful blog 💗

  6. I really love her subject which focus on the critically endangered species in the Philippines. It serves as an eye opener to all of us that we need to do something before we lost them. Plus, the proceeds from the paintings will be given to our dear frontliners. Wow! we need more people/artist like her.

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