Mr. Butler Home Services – Is it worth it?

What’s Mr. Butler?

Mr. Butler Home Services provides help for busy people who do not have time to do chores. They provide handyman services, home cleaning service, upholstering service, errand service, pest control, and even gardening!
They have two goals. First, they empower the customers to take back their freedom from countless chores so they can focus more on what matters to them. Second, they elevated the butler’s work to a level of profession with dignity and passion for what they do.

Mr. Butler Experience

Although I stay at home all the time, I still find it challenging to really clean the house because of too much work. This made me search for some random house helpers but I always end up not being satisfied with their services. Just last week, I discovered Mr. Butler. I downloaded the app as a beta tester and booked for a deep cleaning service. After few hours, I received a phone call as a confirmation of my appointment. It’s easy as booking a ride, or using a dating app!

Mr. Butler Home Services

They arrived at our house on time. Yes, you heard it right – “they”. At first, I thought that they will only send one person to clean the house but four of them arrived wearing face mask and face shield. I feel relieved to see how they practice safety measures during this pandemic.

The cleaners asked for my permission to remove the PPE due to heat that could affect the quality of their work.

So how do they work?

They assign a specific person for each room.

One person is for the bathroom, another for the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Our house has two floors. They started from the second floor then went to the first floor. I really love how systematic they are in cleaning.

They make the bathroom smell like a hotel bathroom!

It’s crazy how they removed the stubborn stains on the floor and toilet. The sink is dry and clean. The toiletries are organized well. They also steamed the surfaces.

The living room is sparkling!

Besides dusting and surface cleaning, they also organized the open shelves. They cleaned and wiped the windows and the glass doors. It’s so clean you might not notice that it’s closed.

Mr. Butler Home Services

The kitchen had a makeover.

Whenever I clean the kitchen, I just mostly focus on the floor and the sink. They are a game changer. Besides dusting and organizing the shelves, they cleaned all the utensils inside the kitchen cabinets. They wiped all the appliances, scrubbed the sink, and sanitized the countertops.

Mr. Butler Home Services
They removed all the things inside the cabinets, cleaned them, and organized them back.

The bedrooms were cleaned thoroughly.

At first, I thought that they will just change the bed sheets, pillow cases, and curtains. Apparently, they also clean the bed frames! I can’t remember the last time cleaned them.

Mr. Butler Home Services

The windows and screens are cleaned thoroughly. They actually brought their own cleaning tools and equipment like vacuum, steamer, trash bags, ladder, and cleaning solutions.

They literally clean everything in the house.

The frames on our wall are now dustless. They even wiped the walls and steamed them.

They even cleaned all the pots inside the house!

Mr. Butler 2020 Rates:

For condominium (80 sqm), they charge PhP 2,880.

To know more about their other services, you may check out their social media accounts:

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Mr. Butler Home Services truly raised the bar of having a clean home. Besides being skilled in cleaning, I can say that you can really trust the butlers. They can work with our without supervision.

Mr. Butler Home Services
I’m confident to eat lunch with them because they are COVID-free.
These ladies just had a swab test a day before they went to our house for the cleaning session. 

In addition to that, they are very courteous and respectful. They ask permission first before they open a cabinet. I prepared lunch for them, and got surprised because they brought their own food too. I really love their work ethics.

Hiring Mr. Butler is really worth it! I actually plan to do it every month. If you’re going to have an occasion at home soon, I totally recommend that you avail their services first. All your visitors will totally commend the cleanliness of your house.

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  1. Hello Ms. Karla,

    Thank you for choosing Mr. Butler Home Services! We are really happy you enjoyed our deep cleaning service. This inspires us to be better every day.

    To your very supportive readers,

    Thank you for your positive comments. Please know that Ms. Karla’s promo code (MRBxKARLA) is still active. This code will give you Php1500 worth of free upholstery cleaning (for mattresses, couches vacuum, and steam) if you book a deep cleaning session with us.

    We are also happy inform you that we just launched our new booking system. It’s now way easier to book a service with Mr. Butler. Please visit our website to learn more:

    Hope to see you soon!

    Your butler,

    Mr. Butler Home Services

  2. I tried hiring housecleaners once (Lemon cleaners) but I was not satisfied with their service plus ang mahal pa. Siguro kasi mas cater nila yung condo style and Luma na din house namin.

    With your experience, I should say this team is different. Sulit naman ang services nila. Hope I can get a sponsored service like this one day! Hehe. Matry nga when we move to cavite.

  3. This is the first time I heard about Mr. Butler Home Services. Okay po talaga to para sa mga busy na tao, yung may mga work siguro.

  4. This is worth to visit tlga ate Karla, sobrang Recommended tlga ang Trbaho nila, sobrang galing maglinis.. hanggang sa kasuluk sulukan ??? at mababait tlga ang Mga Trbahador … worth to hired tlaga sila ??? thanks for sharing this ate Karla

  5. Have a Good Day Ms. Karla ? Very worth it , based on your experience talaga , maganda talaga yung naging outcome nitong Mr.Butler Home Services, which is , linisin talaga ang buong bahay -literal ? Must recommend this , especially , for those people talaga na sobrang busy sa work na hindi na hahanap maglinis ? The price is worth it ?Thank you for sharing this experience Ms. Karla ? Godbless you po ?

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