Madagascar Centella Ampoule: Yay or Nay?

In this post, I’m going to review the latest addition in my holy grail. During the quarantine, I had a skin problem called “Maskne“. It’s the reason why I upgraded my skin care routine. This time, I’ve decided to add Madagascar Centella Ampoule in my daily skin care routine.

Madagascar Centella Ampoule

Madagascar Centella Ampoule


SKIN1004 Madagascare Centella Ampoule is 100% made of Centella Asiatica Extract. Centella is an herb that calms and purifies the skin.

How to Use

It’s very easy to use. Just use the spoid (dropper) to drop a proper amount on your face. You may use a jade roller to evenly apply it on your skin.


  • This is for external use only.
  • You must stop using it if any irritation occurs.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
Madagascar Centella Ampoule

Madagascar Centella Watergel Sheet Ampoule Mask

This is a watergel-type sheet mask soaked in ampoule formula containing Centella Asiatica Extract, fresh from the untouched Madagascar, and refreshing Menta Arvensis Leaf Oil. The well-fitting mask wraps around the skin tightly to quickly deliver the ampoule formula to soothe irritated skin.

Madagascar Centella Ampoule

How to Use

  1. After cleaning your face, apply toner to prepare skin for the next step.
  2. Take the product out of the pouch and adhere it evenly over your face avoiding the eye and mouth area.
  3. Remove it after 10-20 minutes.
  4. Using your fingers, gently pat remaining ampoule into the skin until thoroughly absorbed.
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Product Review

First of all, ampoules are not really my thing because I used to have break outs whenever I use them. But when I used this product, I didn’t have any break outs at all. I’ve been using it for two weeks now. Instead, I feel that my acne marks are starting to lighten. It’s very suitable for people with acne-prone skin. Secondly, I like texture of the ampoule. It’s lightweight and I don’t feel sticky at all. It makes me feel moisturized all day. Lastly, I love that it’s well-packaged. It was raining hard when the packaged arrived. The outer box came wet but when I opened it, the boxes of the ampoule and sheet mask are not affected by the water.

Madagascar Centella Ampoule

Moving on to the watergel sheet ampoule mask, I think it’s an okay mask too. When I opened it, there’s so much excess liquid. I used them for my arms and legs too. After using it, my face felt soft and a bit sticky which is normal when using face masks. I recommend it because it feels soothing to the skin.

The Madagascar Centella Ampoule and the Madagascar Centella Watergel Sheet Ampoule Mask is definitely a YAY for me. I like that there’s no animal testing involved in creating the products. There’s not artificial fragrance and color. It’s also alcohol and paraben-free!

If you’re interested, you may buy them on Shopee. The products will arrive in 7-10 days because they ship it from South Korea.

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  1. This is perfect! Naghahanap po kasi ako ng effective products to lighten my acne marks. I will check this out po! Thankyou for sharing this ❤?

  2. Good evening Ms. Karla , While reading this ? sobrang nacurious po talaga ako and I search this product ‘ MADAGASCAR CENTELLA AMPOULE ‘ Napakaganda ng mga benefits ?and nabasa ko din na maganda yung effective nito ?YAY TO THIS PRODUCT ??Must recommend , especially, sa mga want mag fade yung Acne Scars and so on. Thank you for sharing this Ms. Karla ??

    ***Waiting for next blog po ?

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