Jil Gyung-Yi: Feminine Cleanser Review

As a traveler, I’ve learned how to bring only the essential things whenever I explore different places. One of the important things I bring with me is a feminine wash. I take feminine hygiene seriously. (Read more: Secret of the Month)

Packing liquid toiletries like feminine hygiene is a struggle for me. I had to repackage them into leak-proof containers to avoid leakage. I’m surprised when I learned that there’s a feminine cleanser in a tablet form. Jil Gyung Yi is a game changer!

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Jil Gyung Yi

Jil Gyung Yi enables comprehensive treatment and prevention of multiple symptoms, irritations, and inflammation of vagina such as vaginities, vaginal looseness, vaginal dryness, etc. in a most natural and effective way.

It is made of 7 natural ingredients beneficial for female vaginal health. Check out the ingredients:

Sodium Chloride, Glucose, Allantoin, Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract, Acacia Catechu Seed powder, Opuntia Tuna fruit extract, Gingko Biloba leaf extract, Mentha Piperita leaf extract, Centella Asiatica extract, Sophora Angustifolia root extract, Aqua, Angelica Gigas root extract, Propanediol, Butylene Glycol, Magnesium Stearate, Phenoxyethenal

I’m a hygiene freak. Although I haven’t experience any problems down there, I like to prevent those irritations from coming.

What I love about this product is that it doesn’t have any antibiotics and side effects.  Jil Gyung-Yi treats vaginitis by providing nutrition to the beneficial microorganisms (lactobacili) in the vagina to activate its self-purification.

Who can use it?

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Jil Gyung-Yi is made up of mild natural extracts which are safe to be used for females age of 4 and above. 

When to use it?

  • Before and after visiting swimming pool, gym, or sauna
  • Before and after period
  • Before and after having sex
  • Before and after pregnancy

Why do you have to use it?

  • For cleansing
  • For Vaginitis treatment
  • For Vaginal Looseness Treatment (tightens vagina)
  • For removal of vaginal odor and unwanted secretion
  • For Vaginal dryness
  • For improving vaginal elasticity after birth
  • For menstrual cramp
  • For improvement of skin tone

How to use it?

For Adults:

  1. Wash hands and vulva before using this product.
  2. Take two tablets and insert them into vagina at a depth of two-thirds of your finger. Place them in the same way as wearing a tampon.
  3. Gently wash the vaginal area with running water the next day and dry.

*It is preferred to use before bedtime. Wearing a pad is recommended for any discharge or vaginal waste.

For Children:

  1. Wash vulva with clean water.
  2. Melt two tablets in 5ml of lukewarm water and let it absorb into vulva.
  3. Wash with clean water the next day.


Last night, I tried using this product for the first time. Using my sanitized hands, I inserted two tablets down there. I tried using menstrual cups before so I thought that putting a tablet won’t be uncomfortable for me. As soon as I inserted them, I felt something cold inside. It’s actually a good feeling.

Anyway when I went out the restroom, I can still feel the tablets inside me. That’s the time when I’ve decided to crouch in bed until it dissolves. I guess it took around 5 minutes to be dissolved. I wore a sanitary pad just in case I experience some discharge.

This morning, I washed using bidet to make sure that all the parts are clean. I’ve noticed a little bit of yellowish stain in the sanitary pad.  I’m not having my menstruation today but I guess those stains prove that Jil Gyung-Yi not only cleans for the external but also the internal part.

I look forward using it again next week, before my menstruation begins. I often experience menstrual cramps and I hope that from next week on, I won’t experience it again because of using Jil Gyung Yi.

*UPDATE* (after three days)

I’m now on my third day of my menstruation and I haven’t experience any menstrual cramps at all. Okay, this is unusual because I am always in pain during my 2nd or 3rd day. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT! — yes all caps! Can you feel my excitement?! I plan to use this every time I’m about to have my period!

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The product mentioned in this post was given to me by Platform K Manila, but all opinions are my own. Rest assured that it is clinically tested and approved by FDA. (NDC No. 55618-2004).

To know more about the product, you may contact them using the following:

  • Phone Number: 632 544 5524
  • Email Address: contact.platformkmanila@gmail.com
  • Address: 17A One Adriatico Place, Adriatico St., Malate, Manila Philippines
  • Facebook Page: Jilgyungji Philippines



  1. Hmm, never been on board with feminine washes and never will be. From what I’ve read (and it hasn’t been much), our lady parts do just fine with soap and water. Sometimes these products can actually do more harm than good down there by throwing off our balance of good bacteria. I’m also kinda very weirded out by the fact that they advertise girls of 4+ years can use them. I don’t think young girls or any women, for that matter, should worry about using these things. But to each their own!

  2. I’m sorry – people use this for “improvement of skin tone”? No, no, no! I agree with Anna that why aren’t soap and water good enough to maintain a proper hygiene down there. Otherwise that could be daily use according to your “when” chart…no thanks!

  3. I think personal hygiene is key to great health, and feminine hygiene is a big part of it, however I never used or “supported” the use of intimate washes. I think proper washing with clean water is what you need down there and not chemicals, in case of “problems” it’s super important to see a doctor and not trying to solve the problem yourself. But I’m happy that this product gave you relief of your painful cramps, and also practical for your travels.

  4. Um, ah, yeah. I have no idea how to respond to this except to say go hygiene! I love products that help keep the body clean, mean, and green functioning to the best of its ability! Maybe they will come up with a male cleanser to keep our bodies humming along healthy and hale!

  5. I would definitely have to consult my OBGYN before using this product although it does sound like a good product.

  6. First time to hear about this product. Did you consult with your gynecologist? It’s good though that your menstrual cramps are gone. Personally, I only get menstrual cramps when I am not active days prior to my period. When I am physically active (lots of walking and exercise), I don’t get menstrual cramps and I’m 41:-)… I am honestly wary and I hope you check with the gynecologist especially before you let your little sister use, too.

  7. Hmmm, this is really interesting. I’ve never heard of this before. I can’t say that I go out and look for products like this. I’m glad that it really helped with your cramps. That’s really good to know that it works for that too.

  8. I’m also a fan of hygiene, but this sounds like a mix of a washing product and OTC medication. Although it might be a good idea, I personally would not use it without consulting my gynecologist first. Would be a bit scared to bring the pH factor in inbalance since I’m not a specialist.

  9. How interesting – I have never come across it in a solid form. But it would be so handy when travelling light!

  10. This sounds kind of like something from GOOP, which makes me wonder what Dr. Jen Gunter would say about these. An interesting concept.

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