MOL Magsaysay Maritime Academy

MOL Magsaysay Maritime Academy  is one of the pioneering maritime schools in the Philippines offering industry-linkage programs like Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (BSMT) and Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering (BSMarE).

This is not the usual campus tour that I usually do when I was in Korea. This time, my family went to Mol Magsaysay Maritime Academy to send off one of my brothers and to attend the Parents Orientation Program.

Mol Magsaysay Maritime Academy (15).jpg

As soon as we entered the vicinity, they asked my brother to sign an attendance sheet. Some wristbands were given to us before we went to the photo booth. I think it’s great to have wear those wristbands for security purposes. The academy doesn’t allow outsiders to loiter around the campus.

Mol Magsaysay Maritime Academy (12)

So what happened during the orientation?

Here’s how my brother looks like when we arrived. After some messages from the officials, all the students were asked to line up and to go outside the gym.

Mol Magsaysay Maritime Academy (13).jpg
with Carlito Puno, the president of MMMA

After some talks from the office of the student affairs, the dean, and the other officials. The cadets were presented in front of us. This time, they are wearing MMMA polo shirts and their heads are shaved! Even the eight girls! I can see the emotions of the parents when they saw their children’s transformation.

Mol Magsaysay Maritime Academy (11).jpg
Can you spot the girl in this picture?

After that they asked the cadets to go to their parents and give them a token. Small bottles with a love letter inside were given. Teary-eyed parents hugged their children.

Mol Magsaysay Maritime Academy (16).jpg

By noon time, we had the chance to have a meal with the students for the last time. Many parents brought food from their provinces to share with other families.

Mol Magsaysay Maritime Academy (19).jpg

After lunch, we had the campus tour. Since they are the pioneer batch, all the equipment are brand new. It can clearly be seen that the facilities are state of the art!

It has been a long day for us. I’m praying that my brother will learn a lot and have a good life while staying in MMMA. Today is the last day that we can spend time with him. They won’t allow visitors anymore. The next time we can visit him is on December!

Mol Magsaysay Maritime Academy (17).jpg
He will stay in this room with three other students.


Check out the hashtag #OneDreamOneMMMA to see more pictures from the event.

You may also check out their Facebook Page and website for more details.

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  1. Good luck to your brothers! 🙂 You have a sweet and supporting family 🙂 <3

  2. Oh wow! I’d cry if my kids come out with shaved heads haha! It’s seeing them make an adult decision and knowing they are, from then on, out of my hands. Your mom is a courageous woman!

  3. Good luck to your brother! This is an exciting news, I didn’t know we have something like this in the Philippines. Would love to know more about their programs!

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  5. Lovely to read this post and the academy looks really nice. A great place to study and explore a whole new world. Wishing all the success to your brother.

    1. Travel with Karla says: Reply

      Thank you!

  6. You have beautiful photos there kababayan. Thanks for sharing your experience. Such a sweet send-off

    1. Travel with Karla says: Reply

      Thank you! I really tried to document it because it’s a milestone for my brother.

  7. wow.. phillipines maritime school looks great, since phillipines is an archipelago country, I think optimize its maritime power should be a crucial way..

  8. Very nice. I’m sure he’ll have a swell time there.

  9. Thanks for sharing this! Must be tough to be apart for long stretches like that. I wouldn’t have made it past the part of asking me to do push-ups, which is probably the first day!

  10. Great photos! You really told the story of this experience through your photos 🙂

  11. It’s always hard when you can’t see a family member for awhile. Best of luck to your brother as he paves the way for a bright future!

  12. Nice details and beautiful photos Karla

  13. That was a blast, I’m sure you’ll miss your brother. But in the meantime we have to sacrifice a lot of stuff for a better future! wishing you and your family the best!!!!

  14. Thank you for sharing this;

    You have a beautiful family!

    May God guide your life paths,


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