South Korea resumes issuing tourist visas

The long wait is over! Pack your bags. South Korea resumes issuing tourist visas next month. This is it! We can finally travel around this beautiful country!

The influx of foreign tourists will boost domestic demand and invigorate relevant industries, which will eventually help create more jobs and attract foreign talent

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Things You Need to Know about Korean Tourist Visa

Korea resumes issuing tourist visas
South Korea resumes issuing tourist visas

1. The government will resume issuing short-term visas and e-visas starting June 1, 2022.

After two years of waiting, travelers may now apply for visas from the recognized travel agencies in your country. The justice ministry wants to bring more tourists to boost their tourism and economy.

2. A short-term general C-3 visa allows foreigners to enter the country for up to 90 days.

The reasons for a C-3 visa now include tourism, transit, visiting relatives, or similar reasons. In the past two years, they have only offered it for the purpose of diplomacy, government affairs, and other humanitarian reason.

3. It’s easy to get a tourist visa if you’re a frequent traveler.

All you need to do is to present the required travel documents. This includes a valid passport, a picture with white background, and Computerized Visa Application Form. In addition, you will be asked to provide financial documents like ITR, bank statements, and bank certificates too. Also, if you are a freelancer like me, you may create a letter addressed to the embassy explaining why you can’t provide ITR.

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  1. Wowww good news ,isa sa bansa na gusto ko talaga mapuntahan,thank you for sharing this Ms.karla?

  2. Wow that’s good news Ms. Karla after 2 years of waiting ng mga gusto pumunta ng korea. Dream come true na yan pwede makakita ng oppa?.

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    This is it ! This is good news to us who really admire and aspire to visit South Korea

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