El Cazado PH: Designer Footwear for Millennials

El Calzado is a Spanish word for footwear. Besides protecting our feet, shoes also gives us confidence wherever we go. A good pair of shoes is one of the things we should consider whenever we plan our outfits.

El Calzado PH
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Although I want to be fashionable like Heart Evangelista, I can’t afford her shoes! HAHAHA! What I did is to search for shoes that are fashionable and budget friendly for millennials like me.

El Calzado PH

The millennial owner of the El Calzado PH, showed me the unique designs of their brand. These shoes are handmade and underwent extensive quality control. I love how exquisite their designs are!

El Calzado PH

Besides the gold tones, they also have designs with neutral colors that can match many of your outfits. As a minimalist, I prefer these type of colors.

El Calzado PH
Travel with Karla

I chose the Alicante design and brought it in Korea! At first, it felt a bit uncomfortable because it’s new. It’s not good for long walking tour (Who wears super fab shoes while touring?). I highly recommend it for photo shoots, for office wear, or just for a casual walk in the mall.

El Calzado PH

It actually goes well with traditional dresses! I wore it while touring around the Palace. Unlike wearing killer heels, these shoes gave me comfort. It’s fashionable at the same time.

El Calzado PH
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There are three reasons why I like it. It’s fashionable, unique, and budget-friendly. It goes well with many clothes. The fact that it’s handmade makes me feel that I’m supporting the creatives who made it. Lastly, it doesn’t hurt my wallet! The price ranges from 750-995 pesos only ($15-20).

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12 thoughts on “El Cazado PH: Designer Footwear for Millennials

  1. parang shoes from Pakistan. I asked a Pakistani friend to buy me one and she;s coming back to Seoul… so I will have sparkly shoes na din hihihi

  2. The gold-colored ones look really cute, my mom would definitely love it. She wants anything sparkly. Saka, si Tim ba yung nasa last picture? Haha

    1. I love the gold one(yes I am in the Tita level already ?) and the gray one on the second photo of the shoes. I so miss travelling. I wish I have plenty of time hahaha

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