Korean Bites Foodtruck

Korean Bites Foodtruck brings you to Korea with its affordable and delicious Korean meals! Satisfy your late-night cravings at Kobi Foodtruck!

Korean Bites Foodtruck
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What to Eat?

Korean Bites Foodtruck

1. Samgyeopsal Set

This is the most affordable samgyeopsal you’ll get in the area. While most restaurants offer unlimited samgyeopsal, they offer a set meal for as low as 150 pesos only. It also comes with rice, japchae, kimchi, and seasoned fish cake. I ordered the mixed set (chicken + pork + beef). I would say that it’s worth the price! Besides being tasty, the serving is generous.

Korean Bites Foodtruck
Samgyeopsal Set: Chicken (150), Pork (160), Beef (180), Mixed (200)

2. Ramyeon

They have two types of ramyeon: regular (120 pesos) and special (160 pesos). The special ramyeon is loaded with lots of toppings. I also love that their noodles are firm and not saggy. It tastes great! I think it can be good for two people.

Korean Bites Foodtruck

3. Bulgogi Kimbap

If you want a heavy meal, I totally recommend this. I’d say that it tastes similar to what I tried in Korea. In addition, they also serve Bibimbap. It’s a mixture of rice, seasoned meat, vegetables, and egg.

Korean Bites Foodtruck

4. Tempura

They serve tempura with rice for as low as 80 pesos! Their tempura is smaller than the regular size but I think it’s just right because of its affordable price. I like that it’s not oily.

Korean Bites Foodtruck

5. Odeng Tang

This is one of my favorite street foods in Korea! I’m glad that they are serving the odeng with soup. The soup is warm and seasoned well. Would you believe that it only costs 45 pesos?

Korean Bites Foodtruck
Odeng Tang (45 pesos)

6. Tteokbokki

If you’re a fan of spicy snacks, this one is perfect for you. This is also another common snack you’ll see in Korea.

Korean Bites Foodtruck
Tteokbokki (60 pesos)

7. KoBi Corndog

These corndogs are also great snacks! They are cooked well and I love that they are not oily too!

Korean Bites Foodtruck
Classic (50 pesos), Potato Corndog (60 pesos),
Classic Mozza (75 pesos), Potato Mozza (80 pesos)

8. K-Chicken

They serve 6 pieces of chicken for only 129 pesos. There offer five flavors: Soy Garlic, Salt & Pepper, Honey Butter, Yangnyeom, and Dakgangjeong. I’ve only tried the Soy Garlic and got satisfied with the taste. I’m interested in trying their Yangnyeom and Dakgangjeong on my next visit.

9. Oreo Ice Cream

Want some sweetness? You should try the Oreo Ice cream! This is perfect for people with a sweet tooth!

Korean Bites Foodtruck
Regular (99 pesos), Overload (129 pesos)

10. Mango Shake

For drinks, I totally recommend their Mango shake. Besides being fresh, it has the right amount of sweetness. By the way, they also offer BTS Coffee.

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The staff are attentive. They are approachable and helpful. I love that they are wearing aprons and face masks.

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Korean Bites Foodtruck is located along Aguinaldo Highway. It is in Barangay San Agustin II, Dasmarinas City, Cavite. It’s just across Vista Mall Dasmarinas. They are open from 2 PM to 11 PM.

The dining area is mostly black and pink. You’ll also hear some Kpop songs while eating.

Their tables can accommodate four people.

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Thoughts about Korean Bites Foodtruck:

In general, I think that people who are into Korean culture will totally enjoy their meals. I love that your cravings can be solved without breaking the bank!

Korean Bites Foodtruck is perfect for late night dates! I love how they bring the taste of Korea at an affordable price. It’s a snack place you’ll love to visit over an over again.

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  4. It’s beautiful and wide variety of Korean food to choose from… Love everything about this place! All are absolutely and genuinely yummy and.. the place it’s a hit .. so lovely it matches everything in here

  5. I love this place and nkakamiss na dn tlga ung samgyupsal , lalo na dito kumpleto lahat ng foods ang sasarap pa and very affordable price kaya sulit n sulit ang barkada o pang pamilya 😍❤️

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