Travel Agencies Designated By Korean Embassy

Beginning on May 14, 2018, Philippine Passport Holders no longer need to wake up so early to fall in line in front of the Korean Embassy. Here’s a list of Travel Agencies Designated By Korean Embassy. Remember, to avoid scams, only go to the official travel agencies.

Travel Agencies Designated By Korean Embassy

Visa application will now be processed through designated agencies because of the increased number of applicants.

  1. Rakso Air Travel and Tours Inc.
  2. Hanatour Manila Inc.
  3. Island Resort Club Tour Services, Inc.
  4. International Journeys, Inc.
  5. Pan Pacific Travel Corporation
  6. Rajah Travel Corporation
  7. Marsman Drysdale Travel Inc.
  8. Grand Hope Travel, Inc.
  9. Horizon Travel & Tours, Inc.
  10. Ark Travel Express Inc.
  11. Uni-Orient Travel, Inc.
  12. Las PalmasĀ  Tours and Travel Agency, Inc.
  13. North Star International Travel, Inc.
  14. Adventure International Tours, Inc.
  15. Travelpros – Travel Proponents, Inc.
  16. JTB Asia Pacific Phil. Corp.
  17. First United Travel Inc.
  18. Blue Horizons Travel and Tours, Inc.
  19. Travelservices, Inc.
  20. City Travel & Tours Corporation

People who are allowed to apply directly are the following:

  1. spouses and children of Koreans
  2. holders of visa issuance number
  3. government employees with official business trip
  4. applicants with humanitarian reason to travel to Korea urgently

Best Travel Agency for Korean Visa

In 2019, I’ve decided to tour around Korea again. KIS Travel agency took care of my Visa Processing. I totally recommend them if you want to see Korea in 2021. Read my full review here: KIS Travel Review

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