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Face Thread Lift in Korea

Besides my nose lift, I also underwent a face thread lift in Korea! It’s the reason why you often see me wearing a face mask. My face is bloated!

Face Thread Lift in Korea

I recently asked my followers if they are open to Face Enhancement in Gangnam. The opinions are still mixed on this topic. In the survey, majority would also take this opportunity.

What’s Face Thread Lifting?

How does it work?

Ultra PCL – is a face lifting technique using absorbable polycaprolactone threads, which last for 2 years and then decompose inside the skin tissue. It first became employed in aesthetic therapy after the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) was approved in Korea in 2011. PCL eventually get dissolved by the skin after 1.5-2 years and in the process induce collagen which lasts about one year.

The procedure is highly effective in skin rejuvenation by inducing collagen synthesis from stimulating fibroblast. Its merits in procedure are 1) minimal invasive treatment, 2) no downtime and 3) immediate effect. Due to these advantages, this treatment is very popular in Asia and CIS countries and is still gaining popularity rapidly into other continents as well.

My Experience

To be honest, I wasn’t ready for all those needles. I didn’t know that it will really be painful. I spent about an hour waiting for the numbing cream to have an effect on my face.

The implantation of threads is not really painful but the punctures are! I wasn’t able to keep track of the time. I think the actual implantation and positioning of threads took about less than an hour. But it’s the longest and most painful hour of my life!

How long will it take to recover from a Thread Lift?

There could be bruising and slight swelling, which settles in a few days. Recovery is generally quick, with most patients returning to work the day or after few days of rest. Facial movement is limited for the first two weeks. It may hurt to laugh or smile.

The procedure became more bearable because I have my friend, Tim, with me. He accompanied me to Dermaster Clinic in Gangnam, and also tried the procedure himself.

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Before and After

This is my face right after the treatment. It can be noticeable that my face is a bit stretched. My chin is more pointed. The cheeks are swollen.

Face Thread Lift in Korea

As of now, it’s hard for me to open my mouth fully. I also get hurt whenever I sneeze or laugh too much. I’m going to post another update after two weeks!

The doctors from IFAAS mentioned that the result will continue to improve over 3 – 6 month period as the body’s collagen begins to grow around the threads. It aids in the lifting effect. They mentioned that the effects of the thread lift using barbed threads will last up to two years.

Would you try the face lift thread in Korea?

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P.S. Face Thread Lift in Korea costs $2500. I got the procedure for free because they used me as a model in the Master Course in Non Surgical Face Lifting.


  1. pinaka insecurity ko talaga face ko.since medyo chubby ako..I am willing to try this one if its for free hehehe…why not…akala ko sa travel and food ka lang maexplore miss Karla…pati din pala sa mga beauty regimen
    looking forward to see more of your interesting blog about Beauty

  2. I just did one today so that’s why I’m here! Haha I did mine at a regular place at Gangnam. I do it when I’m back in korea once in one or two years

  3. It’s first time I’m reading about face uplifting method and it looks pretty interesting to me. do you guys also work on making faces smooth and free of black heads and pimples? I’ve the problem

  4. I would love to try it. As long as it is done by a legitimate surgeon then by all means yes. ?

    Hope you’re feeling better now. Looking forward to your next update.

  5. Hope you have a speedy recovery. It must be hard for you to feel these pain. Wish you all the best.

  6. Very interesting post again,hope it wasn’t too painful & I hope you are recovered by now..

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