My ID is Gangnam Beauty: Non Surgical Nose Lift in Korea!

Have you watched the Kdrama named My ID is Gangnam Beauty?

It’s about a girl with low self esteem because of her appearance. To address that, she went to Gangnam and had a cosmetic surgery.

My ID is Gangnam Beauty: Non Surgical Nose Lift in Korea!

I had a non surgical nose lift in Korea.

Unlike the protagonist in the Kdrama, I’m pretty confident with my face. Few days prior my visit to Korea, I received a message from International Fellowship in Advanced Aesthetic Science (IFAAS). It’s an exclusive continuing medical education programs led by Global Trend Setters. They invited me to be their model.

Non Surgical Nose Lift in Korea!

Why did I say Yes?

First, not everybody gets this opportunity to work with word class surgeons. Dr. Han-Jin Kwon spearheaded the nose lift procedure. Dr. Kwon is the Representative Director of DERMASTER Clinic Network. He is the President of International Association of Aesthetic and Antiaging Medicine and Advisory Director of Korean Association of Stem Cell Therapy. Second, it’s a safe procedure. It has minimal invasive treatment, no down time, and has immediate effect. Lastly, I want to write about it. To be honest, having nose lift is frowned upon in the Philippine Culture. I want to break the stigma.

Non Surgical Nose Lift in Korea!

Do you know that a nose lift procedure costs about $2000 to $4000?

How does it work?

First, they applied a numbing cream on my nose and cheeks. Then, I waited for about an hour for it to take effect. After that, I was brought into another room where Dr. Kwon and the participants are located. Dr. Kwon does the demo while the other doctors ask questions about the treatment. Each doctor, tried inserting fillers in my nose.

What to do after the surgery?

To be honest, I didn’t feel a lot of pain during the treatment. I guess the numbing cream really did well. The doctors are also helpful. They gave me some instructions on what to do after the surgery. They even gave me a prescription.

Non Surgical Nose Lift in Korea!
When I bought meds, the pharmacist packed it by day. How convenient!
  • Do not sleep on your face for the first week.
  • Do not shave your face, use chemical peels, scrub, and harsh cleansers for the first week.
  • Strenous exercise or sexual activities are not allowed on the first week.
  • Use the prescribed pain killers.
  • Contact a cosmetic/aesthetic clinic if you notice any signs of infection or if you experience bleeding or sudden increase in pain.
This is how my nose looks like few hours after the nose lift.
  • You can resume normal activities within the hour but you should take it easy during the first few days.
  • You should not talk, laugh, or smile excessively or make exaggerated facial movements during the first few days.
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Before and After

My ID is Gangnam Beauty: Non Surgical Nose Lift in Korea!

Some people wishe to change some features of their face. Others are satisfied on how they look like. As for me, whether you underwent a surgery or not, all people must be respected and not judged for their life decisions.

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  1. Wow
    That is so nice. I haven’t heard about that and I wonder what will I look like if I will try that

  2. Oh wow, the result is perfect. I have never consider having a nose lift but my respect and support fir these undergone this is 100%

  3. I think it’s pretty exciting option. I like your nose both before and after but I think it might be of huge help to people with insecurities. after all nose is the main ‘I dislike it’ part of face and body in general

  4. I would definitely get a nose lift too and maybe sharpen up my jawline. Hahahaha, but yes people should never judge a person’s apperance with or without cosmetic surgery. As long as you’re confident with yourself, then you’re already beautiful!

  5. I can definitely spot the difference but I’m not sure I’m quite comfortable with altering any part of the body to make it look western. We are created differently and have features that distinguish us and quite frankly, I think the issue of low self esteem is worse because the media projects what beauty should look like. At the end of the day, we need to learn to be proud of who we truly are. It is only when we’ve gotten to this point, that we can say we’re truly pretty. Nothing and no one should define us.

  6. Non-surgical? Whoa! That can be super convincing to many. Anyway, you’re so brave that you underwent the procedure. I must admit that they did a good job because I can spot some nice difference on your nose pretty one.

  7. Ok. I have a problem with people wanting their features to be more “western” via skin bleaching, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery etc. What the meaning of diversity if we all walk around looking the same?? If you’re not confident in your own skin, no amount of surgery will help as you’ll always feel like you need to alter something. Plus, there’s nothing well applied contour cannot “fix”.

    1. Dermal fillers are safe. I tried them on my cheeks and chin years back ( I used Restylane). Good thing about fillers – it eventually dissolves in your body and it is not permanent, you have to redone it after a year or two, if you still like the result.

  8. Its the first time I’ve heard of a “non surgical nose lift”! This is definitely a great option for those who don’t want an invasive nose enhancement, haha

  9. I knew very little about this non surgical nose lift, but amazing to know, I must say your looks good then before after the procedure.

  10. Interesting, have never heard of this procedure before. Glad to know there are nonsurgical solutions for those who are interested in a nose lift.

  11. I never thought this kind of thing is possible..Very interesting to know.. I must say your nose was very beautiful before as well as after ???

    1. Wow, visible yung effect. Defined yung bridge ng nose mo. Pero curious ako exactly kung paano yung procedure. Insert lang ng filler? Galing na ng technology ngayon sa cosmetic surgery.

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