Manna Korean Restaurant, Terraza Dasma

Manna Korean Restaurant, Terraza Dasma (1)
Faculty members of Dream High English Summer Camp

One of my Korean friends asked me to hire teachers for her new school. Since I have a Facebook Page with a good number of followers, I advertised it in my page. I’m really surprised how many teachers sent their resumes in my email. Social media is indeed a very powerful tool!

Anyway after three sets of interviews (July 12, 17, and 24), I was able to hire 21 teachers. Yeah, I’ve tried to be a one man HR personnel. I had a great time interviewing people from different walks of life. Some of them are seasoned teachers, and the others are fresh graduates who want to try teaching for the first time.

When the owner asked me to set up an orientation with all the hired teachers, I’ve thought about Manna Korean Restaurant in Terraza Dasma. For me, it is the most convenient place to meet because the teachers will be from different parts of Cavite. I’ve been there thrice and now I think I should make a review about it.

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Manna Korean Restaurant, Terraza Dasma (3)
Side dishes for the Samgyeopsal

Manna Korean Restaurant offers unlimited pork menu. I’d say it’s their best seller. It costs around 400 per head. Besides the grilled pork, they also have the usual Korean meals like the Bibimbap, Naengmyeon, Jajangmyeon, Jjampong and Pajeon. I highly recommend their Seafood Pajeon (but I don’t recommend the Naengmyeon cold noodles). As for the side dishes, I’d say it’s not bad. They are the usual side dishes, nothing special.

The owner of the restaurant is a Korean but the employees are all Filipinos. The servers are neat. They are wearing aprons and their hair are fixed. Cleanliness is very important to me. On the other hand, I think they need to learn a little bit of Korean because some customers are Koreans and they are having quiet a hard time to understand if the customer is requesting a certain Korean sauce.

When I went there, I’ve seen that most of the customers are families and couples. C’mon it’s awkward to eat Samgyeopsal alone. Anyway, they also have rooms for private functions. I made a reservation for 30 people and they have a room big enough to accommodate us.

Inside the private function hall, it’s not allowed to cook Samgyeopsal so the employees cook it outside and just serve us the cooked meat. We were quite disappointed because of the slow service. Even the owners cook some meat for us outside. To make up for it, they gave us a free Pajeon per table.

The location of the restaurant is convenient because it’s very accessible to private and public transportation. They also have a parking lot. What I love most about it is that there’s a Korean Grocery Store beside it! I went shopping and here are the items I bought:

Manna Korean Restaurant, Terraza Dasma (2)
Which of these Korean food have you tried?

Grocery Expenses:

  • Tea – 295
  • Ramyeon – 270
  • Kim (Seaweed Sheets) – 195
  • Snacks- 332
  • Grape Candy – 85
  • Drinks – 109
  • Mandu – 198

Total: 1,584 Php


How to go there:

From Manila, take a bus going to Nasugbu or Tagaytay. Get off at Robinsons Dasmarinas. Then walk towards Terraza Dasma. Manna Korean Restaurant is located on the first floor near Mang Inasal.


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  1. Congratulations on finding and hiring so many teaches, I’m sure that took considerable energy.
    Korean BBQ is definitely awesome. I’m sure they sell well~ Is there something bad with their Naengmyeon there? Or do you not like it in general. How do you find it compared to the Samgyeopsal places here in Korea?

  2. A we job title? Congratulations! That’s awesome that you found a passable Korean restaurant and grocery outside of Korea. I’m outside of Korea right now myself and jonesing for some kimchi with my meals.

  3. I have never tried any of those snacks, but the drinks look really yummy! I so want to travel to Korea and experience the different culture first hand!

  4. Social media is indeed powerful and congratulations for that!Anyway, as a fan of pork, I must say that you had an awesome meal at Manna Korean Restaurant,right?

  5. Oh my gosh !i I love Korean food and their instant noodles. I am envious. I miss Kimbob and bulgogi! 😀 Nom!

  6. Great job! You can be setting yourself up with a nice little side business! I love hitting up Korean places outside of Korea just so I can compare the experience. So far it’s never lived up to places in Seoul.

  7. Wow, sounds like you were busy! The Korean snacks you bought look fun . . . I’d love to try them.

  8. Wow congratulations on hiring 21 teachers, social media really is a powerful tool indeed! The Korean food looks amazing too.

    1. Thank you! I’d recommend that you travel to Korea to try their authentic Korean cuisine.

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