LinkedIn Local Cavite: Ground Up

LinkedIn Local Cavite: Ground Up

Create Your Brand. Build Your Network. Win Clients.

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The first LinkedIn Local Cavite was held at Le Don’s Garden, Silang, Cavite last October 13, 2018. Ms. Jane Martinito (Web designer) and Ms. Mireje Sang-olan (Owner of Coffice Co-working Space) hosted the event. Personalities like Jeff Manhilot, Maria Korina Cope, and Delby Bragais also graced the event by giving some inspirational messages to the participants.

What’s LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented service that operates via websites and mobile apps. It is primarily used for professional networking. The employers are posting jobs, and job seekers posting their CVs.

What’s LinkedIn Local?

#LinkedInLocal is LinkedIn’s longest running campaign and is founded on the ideals of authenticity, respect, and collaboration. LinkedIn believes in face-to-face connection, and a world beyond online profiles. They aim to strengthen online communities offline through meaningful interactions. They are also believers of collaboration over competition.

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I’m glad that I was invited to be one of the media partners of the event. It feels great to learn about new things from the experts. For those who did not attend, I’m going to post a recap of what happened during the first LinkedIn Local in Cavite.

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Learning is a never ending process. I am one of the people who loves attending seminars to improve my knowledge, skills, and attitudes about life.

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Mr. Jeffrey Manhilot, Facilitator and Inspirational Speaker

Things I learned from LinkedIn Local Cavite

1. Create your Brand

I’ve read about some articles about branding but nothing beats hearing it from the branding guru, Delby Bragais. Ms. Bragais mentioned some points on how to create your brand: Start with your dream. Build your Credibility. Dare to be different. Nurture Relationship. Develop Charisma. Share your personal brand. Go from success to significance.

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Ms. Delby Bragais, branding guru and fashion designer

I love how Ms. Delby used her experiences as an example. She’s very charismatic and she knows how to make people feel positive. She encourages people to publish their own book and to be expert in their fields.

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Her talk will really make you want to buy her book called The Purple Pig Wears Red Lipstick. I’ll always remember the ABC of personal branding: Appearance, Behavior, and Communication. This made me rethink about how I want to see myself as a brand. What do people say about me when I’m not around? How about you?

2. Build Your Network

Ms. Maria Korina Cope Bertulfo (Ms. MK) shared seven rules in network building: Create a win-win situation. Be that bridge to help others connect with each other. Be kind enough to offer a solution. Remember to reconnect. Optimize Social Networks. Build your own community and don’t forget to establish a genuine relationship with your tribe. Be that person you want to work with.

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Ms. MK Cope, Founder of Filipina Homebased Moms

Ms. MK’s Rules are very simple and easy to understand. To summarize them, I’d say that you need to be a kind person to the people around you. Be kind and genuine to the people in your past, in your present, and even in the people on the Social Networking Sites.

3. Win Clients

Your skills and talents can’t give you money unless you have clients. Ms. Jane Martinito works as a freelance Web Designer. She shared five points on how to win clients: Be visible. Be an expert. Be genuine. Be a part of a conversation. Be a volunteer.

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Photo from Rock’nclay – Events Services

Ms. Jane made me wanna think about my priorities. Sometimes, I think that having lots of followers and likes is enough to win clients. Her talk encouraged me to post more valuable content on social media and to genuinely help people about their problems. Lastly, she mentioned a verse from Acts 20:35 “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”  She shares her knowledge and skills to different people by giving inspirational talks. I totally believe that she’s getting the right clients because people see that she’s a giver.

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Le Don’s Garden served some snacks for the participants. It has a mini burger, mushroom chicharon, nachos, and diced veggies on the side. The vegetables are really tasty and crispy. I love the idea that those veggies came from the garden in their front yard.

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Le Don’s Garden provides organic gardening seminar where you can learn about basic organic home gardening, composting preparation and process, and even container gardening landscaping. They also have yoga sessions four times a week. For inquiries, you may contact them at 09165561409 or email [email protected]

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I’d like to thank the hosts, Ms. Jane and Ms. Mireje, for inviting me to be a part of this historical, inspirational, and informative event. 

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Photo from Rock’nclay – Events Services

Since this post is about building networks, feel free to connect with me:

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  1. This event definitely sound like it was exciting. I am on LinkedIn and it’s just a great place to help build your career! Would love to attend an event similar to this one.

  2. LinkedIn is a very helpful and relatively drama-free platform, albeit initially more geared towards MNCs and big corporations. I’m glad that it has started crafting programs for local companies and entrepreneurs and is bringing their expertise to areas outside Metro Manila

  3. Reading your post made me want to check into my LinkedIn account! I had no idea that it was such a valuable resource to reach out to like minded individuals!

  4. I’ve set up my LinkedIn account way back in college and from then on I saw how useful it is to build social network especially for the jobs I needed. And after reading this, I realized I could actually use my account for blogging purposes too.

  5. I like LinkedIn coz it is the most sane social media platform available only for like-minded people. You can have it exclusive for your contacts that you really know or met.

  6. This is really cool. I had no idea events like this were happening through LinkedIn. I appreciate you sharing the experience and spreading the word so we know about it and what we could expect.

  7. Judging from the way you described this event, this sounds like something I would have really enjoyed attending! LinkedIn is such a powerful tool and I have yet to figure out how to utilize it. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I am a member on LinkedIn, but I can’t say I know too much about it. It sounds like a fun networking event. I’ll have to go log in and reacquaint myself with it.

  9. such a lucrative event! I like how humble people are to share their experiences and all that they know!

  10. I really wish I had one of these summits close to me so I could meet other blogger close by. It also would be great to learn more.

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